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Clamour for nothing; There is no reason to negotiate directly with the United States, currently

Clamour for nothing; There is no reason to negotiate directly with the United States, currently

Although some have tried to interpret the foreign minister's recent remarks as expressing Iran's interest in negotiating with the United States, a close look at Amir Abdullahian's remarks as well as the text of Admiral Shamkhani's tweet shows that Tehran's position in the Vienna talks is merely an attempt to reach a good agreement.

NOURNEWS - Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, said at the closing ceremony of the National Conference on Iran and Neighbors at the Center for Political and International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday evening, January 24: “We will not ignore this if we reach a stage in the negotiation process where reaching a good agreement with high guarantees requires a level of dialogue with the Americans.”

The foreign minister's remarks were immediately published by some domestic and foreign media under the keyword "Iran's readiness for direct talks with the United States" and were widely covered.

Shortly after the publication of Amir Abdullahian's speeches, White House and State Department spokesmen responded by welcoming the direct dialogue between Tehran and Washington and finding it useful in advancing the ongoing talks in Vienna.

While domestic and foreign reactions to our Foreign Minister's remarks continue, Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, tweeted without mentioning the issue of direct talks with the United States, merely on the possibility of changing the way of communication with the US delegation in Vienna, as if a good deal is available.

Although some media outlets and writers at home and abroad inadvertently or deliberately tried to interpret the Foreign Minister's remarks as expressing Iran's interest in negotiating with the United States, pay close attention to Amir Abdullahian's remarks and Shamkhani's tweet, which addresses the issue more clearly, shows that the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Vienna talks, as stated from the beginning, is merely an attempt to reach a good agreement, and does not exclude negotiation under pressure, negotiation for negotiation, or timing and excuses to avoid accepting commitments from the West.

Iran has already negotiated with the United States in the form of the P5 + 1 or independently during the negotiations leading up to the JCPOA agreement, and has shown that it does not hesitate to negotiate with the enemy when the country's interests demand it.

However, these conditions will be met if the set of conditions for a good agreement is provided and negotiations are considered necessary to finalize the agreement reached by Iran.

The Secretary of Iran’s National Security Council's reference to the fact that "so far the communication with the American delegation in Vienna has been done by the exchange of informal writings and there is no need for more and will not be," indicates the fact that although the negotiation process is relatively well placed and on the path of progress, from Iran's point of view, due to the continuation of the extravagant and unconstructive behavior of the United States, we are still far from reaching a good agreement, and therefore there is no need for direct dialogue.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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