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Western game in Vienna; From buying time to scoring points

Western game in Vienna; From buying time to scoring points

The West must reach the political maturity where the era of blackmail, deadline hotchpotch, fictitious concessions, dissent, and the imposition of extravagance is over.

NOURNEWS - Negotiations between Iran and the P4 + 1 group continue in Vienna, while the Western side, while attending the talks, insists on continuing its repetitive and unconstructive performances.

This Western approach pursues several goals:

First; Struggling to demonstrate a policy of "pressure and negotiation", if without mentioning the seriousness of Iran from the beginning of the new negotiation process to reach an agreement, they pretend that pressures and threats work and Iran after raising issues such as: "These negotiations "Is it the last chance to reach an agreement?" Or "We have other options on the agenda if the negotiations fail."

However, from the very beginning, Iran put two comprehensive and pragmatic plans on the table, and it was the Western side that did not show any practical initiative for the progress and outcome of the negotiations.

Second; Conditioning Iranian society and economy towards negotiating with the West. By repeatedly addressing issues such as the slowness of the negotiation process and setting a deadline for Iran to reach an agreement, they seek to repeat the policy of conditioning Iran's economy and creating false expectations in society to increase internal pressure on the government and the negotiating team.

Third; Dispute between Iran and the eastern side of the negotiations. Another strategy that the West continues to insist on is to divide Iran with China and Russia. While Russia's and China's support for the lifting of sanctions, the verification, and the issue of guarantees have disrupted Western calculations in the negotiations, this time they have falsely claimed Russia's offer of an interim agreement and Iran's rejection.

The point is that; The achievements of Ayatollah Raisi's visit to Moscow have prompted the West to prove the hypothesis of a rift between Iran and Russia in order to de-importance it in the face of further lies and marginalization before and during the trip.

Therefore, they published the false news of Russia's proposal for an interim agreement and then its rejection by Iran. From the beginning of the negotiations, Iran has stressed the need to reach a credible and lasting agreement and has always rejected the issue of an interim agreement.

Fourth; Struggle to sell burned concessions to Iran in negotiations. South Korea has announced that it has paid $ 18 million in Iranian membership dues to the United Nations, which the West is trying to make part of its concessions to Iran and force Iran to pay a ransom.

This propaganda atmosphere was created and developed at a time when, firstly, the reason for Iran's non-payment of membership fees was not financial problems but illegal sanctions imposed on Iran, secondly, South Korea owes more than $ 7 billion and is obliged to pay all its debts. Korea cannot be considered a Western concession to Iran.

According to this; It can be said that although the West still claims to be serious in the negotiations and in adhering to its obligations, it still remains in some of the extravagant and unprincipled illusions of the past.

Europe and the United States must reach the political maturity that the era of blackmail, deadline hotchpotch, fictitious concessions, dissent, and the imposition of extravagance is over.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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