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The Western media approach to the Vienna talks in a plain language

The Western media approach to the Vienna talks in a plain language

The West, with its "distorted narrative," seeks to portray Iran as the "main culprit" if the talks fail, and the "main loser" if an agreement is reached and in both cases, while polarizing society, it creates a rift between the people and the government.

NOURNEWS - The eighth round of Vienna talks between Iran and the P4+1 is underway, and the release of the real news of the talks shows that the process of talks, although slow, is positive and the Western side, which failed to play its destructive game, is currently on the track set by Iran.

Nevertheless; what emerges from the work of the Western media so far shows a purposeful and designed plan with a focus on psychological operations, which, with the help of a set of internal and external elements, wants to present Iran as a loser to domestic and international public opinion in any way possible.

They say when the negotiation process is slow; "Iran has made maximum demands and because of that the negotiations are not going on," they later suggest; "Iran is taking the time to advance its nuclear program and, given the threshold for access to nuclear weapons, wants to make concessions to the Western side in the negotiations."

Westerners then conclude that; "These conditions have depleted JCPOA of non-proliferation capacity and made the continuation of negotiations meaningless," they said; "If negotiations fail, other options are on the table and we will use all means to contain Iran."

On the other hand; When negotiations are progressing, they say; "Although Iran sought to put more pressure on the West to gain concessions by making maximum demands, it has been forced to retreat and is conceding due to its deteriorating economic situation and social pressure at home, as well as the inability of the negotiating team."

In the meantime, Russia is also dragged in the middle and is said to be untrue; "Russia is actually negotiating with the West, especially the United States, on behalf of Iran, and because Russia is only seeking to secure its own interests and play with Iran's card to gain concessions from the West, it is exploiting Iran's weakness and passivity to maximize its interests."

This set of statements is a summary of what the Western media and some domestic media and politicians have so far portrayed of the Vienna talks using various psychological warfare techniques and tactics, in both "agreement" or "stalemate", the Islamic Republic will be introduced as a loser.

The point is that; In these analyzes, the power and capability of the Islamic Republic as a country that under the most severe sanctions regimes have been able to accelerate its peaceful nuclear industry within the framework of safeguards and prevent socio-political collapse and collapse of the national economy, is deliberately ignored and it will be introduced as the "excess of extravagance" and "excess of commitment and retreat" member.


To describe precisely; this "distorted narrative" seeks to portray Iran as the "main culprit" if negotiations fail and the "main loser" if an agreement is reached, and in both cases, while polarizing society, creates a rift between the people and the government.

But the question that arises in this is; Why is the West, and especially the United States, pursuing this destructive policy by using all its media and political capital and tying all its prestige to this strategy ?!

For years, the United States has replaced the use of soft and semi-rigid tools with the costly strategy of military campaigning, trying to impose its political will on others.

Republican Trump's "maximum pressure" policy is fundamentally in no way different from the imposition of harsh sanctions on independent states by Obama or Biden Democrats.

It is very clear that under no circumstances does the US government want the policy of "maximum pressure" and the use of sanctions to fail in the eyes of the world because in recent years it has tied all its prestige to a strategy that the Islamic Republic of Iran uses The policy of "active resistance" has practically failed to seal it.

So it would be a great mistake to differentiate between Democrats and Republicans in effectively demonstrating that sanctions are a tool of American power, because both parties have the same strategy of making sanctions more powerful, even if they disagree on tactics.

If the US negotiating strategy and media to bring the Iranian people to their knees are not properly understood and lead some simple-minded people to the wrong idea that we should not waste the so-called opportunity by seeing the US Democratic government with the slogan of negotiation and agreement. We will certainly fall into the trap of losing the valuable gains of active resistance and helping to make the US policy of maximum pressure successful.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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