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Who is the addressee of the joint statement of world nuclear powers?

Who is the addressee of the joint statement of world nuclear powers?

The declaration of nuclear powers can only be effective and guaranteed if these countries themselves agree to disarm nuclear weapons and destroy their nuclear arsenals.

NOURNEWS - Russia, Britain, the United States, China and France, the owners of the world's largest nuclear arsenals, have said in a joint statement that nuclear war is unbearable and should never be fought.

The statement said: "Because the use of nuclear weapons has far-reaching implications, we emphasize that nuclear weapons, as long as they exist, must serve a defensive purpose, prevent militancy, and prevent war. We strongly believe that the further proliferation of such weapons should be prevented."

These positions are expressed in the joint statement of these countries while some media circles have tried to claim its symmetry with the resumption of negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P4 +1 group, and it is a sign of convergence between the mentioned powers to counter what is called Iran’s attempt to achieve a nuclear weapon.

This media line is trying to instill American consensus towards Iran and pretend that Iran has no choice but to back down from its positions and rights in the negotiation process.

Complementary to this media line is the claim of Chinese and Russian pressure on Iran to back down from its demands and to highlight the Russian representative's talks in Vienna with the US representative.

This media atmosphere is aimed at putting pressure on Iran and creating miscalculations in Iran's actions and demands in the new round of negotiations, while a look at the developments in the world arena reveals the falsity of this claim.

Tensions between the nuclear powers have escalated in recent months, with the United States and NATO threatening Russia with military action under the pretext of Ukraine, and Russia's response with all means, even the nuclear option.

The US and European military moves against China's territorial integrity have intensified under the pretext of Taiwan, while Beijing has insisted that it will use all its tools and forces to protect Taiwan.

Tensions between France and Britain and the United States over economic interests, including their bypassing Paris in a nuclear submarine deal with Australia, have intensified.

In light of these issues, it can be said that the addressee of the statement was the issuers of the statement themselves and has nothing to do with Iran and the Vienna talks.

The important point is that; the purpose of countering nuclear competition is not in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear knowledge, but in countering nuclear deviations.

Therefore, attributing this statement to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, according to the international community, seeks to enjoy its nuclear rights only in the peaceful sphere and under the auspices of the UN, is a completely false claim.

In particular, according to the Fatwa of the Supreme Leader of Iran, the production, maintenance, and use of any weapon of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, is forbidden.

Now the question is how to ensure world security and prevent what is called nuclear competition? In answer to this question, examining the root of world nuclear insecurity is a remarkable thing that can be assessed in several dimensions:

First; the nuclear powers' efforts to modernize their nuclear arsenals are fueling this competition in the world, with the United States spending $ 700 billion to modernize its nuclear arsenals and France and Britain formally pushing for more nuclear warheads.

In response to NATO and Western behavior, Russia has vindicated its ability to increase its nuclear capability, and China has recently issued a statement stressing the need to increase its nuclear arsenal.

Second; The US's irrational and threatening behavior towards other countries has inevitably led some countries to nuclear weapons, as North Korea's nuclear actions have been a response to US security, economic and political threats against the country, while North Korea has repeatedly stated that the condition for abandoning its nuclear approaches is the end of US threats against this country.

At the same time, measures such as the withdrawal of the United States from the ballistic missile treaty with Russia, which has become a threat to world nuclear and missile security, could be other factors in the global nuclear competition.

The important point is that global silence in the case of the US use of nuclear weapons against the Japanese people in World War II paved the way for nuclear competition in the world, therefore, the accountability and trial of the United States because of this great crime and, of course, the crimes committed by countries such as France and Britain against the people in Africa for conducting nuclear tests, can be a component for nuclear disarmament in the world.

Third; the dichotomy of the great powers over nuclear issues is becoming a threat to world security and intensifying nuclear rivalry. The West's silence in the face of Israeli nuclear warheads or the US-British agreement to build a nuclear submarine for Australia is a reflection of this thought-provoking behavior.

This behavior, of course, can be seen in other dimensions as well, when the great powers claim chemical disarmament while giving chemical weapons to criminals and terrorists against innocent people.

Giving chemical weapons to Saddam's regime against the Iranian people and in recent years giving chemical weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria and even the use of these weapons by white hats in Syria while maintaining humanitarian behavior and the Zionist and Saudi regimes’ usage of these bombs against the Palestinians and the Yemeni people are a manifestation of this behavioral contradiction.

In other words, it can be said that the West has practically posed a threat to world security by providing nuclear, chemical, and weapons of mass destruction to terrorists and criminal regimes.

Fourth, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is responsible for nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, while the major powers have effectively diverted the IAEA from its primary responsibility for disarmament and nonproliferation by leading the IAEA to irrational policies and margins, such as fabricating false cases against Iran. So the result is a secure margin for nuclear powers to maintain and expand their arsenals.

According to this; the declaration of nuclear powers can only be effective and enforceable if these countries themselves agree to nuclear disarmament and destroy their nuclear arsenals, and on the other hand, they must refrain from dual attitudes towards the nuclear issue and do not create nuclear competition in the world with behavioral contradictions.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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