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US military budget 2022 and the mask that was removed!

US military budget 2022 and the mask that was removed!

This budget will create new dimensions of militarism in the world by posing a threat to the security of other countries and will pose a threat to world security.

NOURNEWS - US President Joe Biden has signed the $ 768 billion military budget bill for 2022 into law.

The US military budget was $ 740.5 billion in 2021 and $ 738 billion in 2020, so the 2022 budget is a significant increase over previous years.

$ 300 million of this budget is entitled Security Assistance, which is alleged to be allocated to Ukraine.

In its new military budget bill, the United States has also allocated $ 150 million for Baltic security cooperation, another US project aimed at countering Moscow.

The $ 4 billion is part of a European defense plan to strengthen Washington's NATO allies.

Another point in this budget is the allocation of $ 7.4 billion for the Pacific Deterrence Plan, which is used under the pretext of defending Taiwan against China.

Biden's move demonstrates that US militarism in the world has not only not stopped, but has expanded to include direct support for allies.

Although the United States claims to have reduced troops in some parts of the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq, in practice, in addition to allocating funds for new formats such as cyber warfare, space warfare, etc., it has increased its military presence by sending troops to other parts of the world.

Importantly; What is called strengthening America's allies, basically, is the expansion of the weapons depots that the United States has created in these countries for its military purposes, and the mentioned budget, like what is done in Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, the Arab countries of the Southern Persian Gulf, etc., will be spent on the storage of these weapons.

On the other hand; this budget will create new dimensions of militarism in the world by threatening the security of other countries and will pose a threat to world security, especially as this arms race between the great powers reaches the arena of nuclear bombs.

According to this; The US military budget 2022 shows that:

First; there is no difference between American statesmen, and Biden is following in the footsteps of Trump, and Biden's interactive and negotiating claims are merely a mask to justify America's critical behavior.

Second; US claims against the military might of other countries, including Iran, are not for world security but in the context of depleting their defenses and maintaining US military monopoly, as Washington has always prevented European countries from seeking an independent military and liberation from US military domination.

The United States, which is on the path of global isolation in the political arena and is facing a great rival in the economy like China, is militarily seeking to continue unilateralism in the world in order to slow down its decline.

Third; The US claim of a reduction in militarism in the world is a false claim, and they continue to create crisis and militarization.

Accordingly, the solution to the US military threat is, on the one hand, to strengthen the country's defense capabilities in all areas of military, naval, air, and defense, and on the other hand, to strengthen the nations' consensus to fulfill their demand for US expulsion from the region.

The US militarization process shows that it is unwilling to abandon its unilateral policies and continues to threaten world security.

Therefore, the only way to counter it is to create a global consensus against American unilateralism and hold it accountable for the crimes it has imposed on humanity.

The current US military budget is a testament to the legitimacy of Iran's position, which sees maintaining and enhancing its defense capabilities, including in the missile and UAV sectors, as a component of its security and deterring US military illusions and with pessimistic views and distrust to human right claims of America.

The United States, which adds billions of dollars to its military budget every year, certainly cannot be the savior of world peace and security, because the United States, as the root of world crises, is like a dirty handkerchief with which glass will never be wiped.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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