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American illusions to save Saudi Arabia from the Yemeni swamp

American illusions to save Saudi Arabia from the Yemeni swamp

The US claim that the Kalashnikov was sent from Iran to Yemen is more like a clumsy and stupid joke, given the high military and defense capabilities of the Yemenis, especially in the field of drones and missiles.

NOURNEWS - Following accusations by US of sending weapons and arms to Yemen, the American Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain, issued a statement announcing the seizure of weapons from a fishing vessel of Iranian origin by two of its patrol vessels in the Arabian Sea.

The statement said: “This shipment includes 1,400 Kalashnikov assault rifles and more than 226,000 rounds of ammunition aboard a flagless fishing vessel moving in international waters used to smuggle weapons into Houthi militias.”

This claim has been made by the Americans while looking at the developments in the Yemeni war shows the high military and defense capabilities of the Yemeni people, and in practice, the claim of the American navy is like a clumsy and stupid joke.

Over the past four years, the Yemenis have been able to develop and mass-produce drones such as Hudhud 1, Raqib, Rasad, Samad 1, Qasif 1, Qasif 2, Qasif Kh and Samad 3, some of which can carry up to 1,000. And fly seven hundred kilometers.

In their latest missile leap, they have succeeded in building a missile defense system that does not fit into the minds of the aggressors.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni army spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, recently said that the army's drone unit had conducted 4,116 military operations over the past 5 years, including 669 offensive and 3490 reconnaissance operations.

Meanwhile, the total number of joint drone and artillery operations with Ansarullah will reach 73 operations, the total number of missile and drone unit operations will reach 11 operations, and the joint operations of artillery, missile and drone units will reach one operation.

The Yemeni defense and military capabilities have been such that the American Wall Street Journal reported in recent days that Riyadh's ammunition is running out to counter the constant Yemeni drone and missile attacks on Saudi territory, and Riyadh is urgently asking the United States and neighboring countries. Persian Gulf and Europe to re-equip.

Given these facts, the question arises as to why the United States has so clumsily made the illusory claim of smuggling 1,400 Kalashnikovs from Iran to Yemen?

First; On the one hand, the Saudi regime is incapable of responding to the Yemeni missile and drone responses in the depths of Saudi Arabia, and on the other hand, it liberates Ma'rib by the Yemeni army and people's forces to finalize the final defeat of the aggressors.

according to this; By repeating such claims, the Americans, on the one hand, seek to conceal and downplay the indigenous achievements of the Yemenis in the field of missiles and drones during the siege and war, and on the other hand, to justify aggression and crimes against humanity against the Yemeni people.

Second; Published reports indicate US and British military movements in Yemen and their cooperation with al-Qaeda against Yemeni unity and resistance. Yemeni sources also reported that an American warship had docked in eastern Yemen airport and that its troops had moved some military equipment to al-Qaeda.

Earlier, there were reports of British troops entering al-Qaeda airport and building military barracks on the airport grounds. Given that this action by the United States and Britain is in fact an obvious occupation of Yemeni territory, it can be said that the repetition of their hotchpotch and nonsense against Iran is a mere act to justify their occupation of Yemen.

Third; In recent weeks, there has been a fierce rivalry between France, Britain and the United States over the Arab countries involved in the Yemeni war and the sale of arms to them. France to the region and the presence of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the so-called Manama Security Summit can be defined in this context.

Now, considering the negative reaction of the public opinion and the people of these countries and the world to the sale of weapons to the aggressors and murderers of the Yemeni people, it can be said that the West seeks to justify the sale of weapons or in fact to revolt by making false claims against Iran and making security claims. It is the Arab countries that have become the main factor in the continuation of the Yemeni war.

Fourth; The eighth round of talks between Iran and the P4 + 1 group will begin in Vienna on December 26th, with Iran's initiative and the lack of initiative on the part of the West supporting global support for Iran's rightful position, and the Iranian delegation's insistence that It has challenged the West's extravagant calculations over the lifting of all sanctions and its verification.

According to this; The West, which is still under the illusion of pressure and negotiations, is seeking pressure to change Iran's approach to the negotiations and impose its demands by imposing sanctions on Syria and security charges such as the seizure of 1,400 Kalashnikovs sent from Iran to Yemen.

 Of course, it is also pointed out that in recent days, the 17th Great Exercise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at sea level with the latest weapons and indigenous equipment made Iran's authority for regional security clearer and the West, in its opinion, seeks to overshadow and de-importance this exercise.

BY: Pooya Mirzai


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