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The consolidation of Iran's proposals and its impact on the prospects of the next round of talks

The consolidation of Iran's proposals and its impact on the prospects of the next round of talks

Based on the new draft, which has been confirmed by all parties to the negotiations, a specific negotiating order has been born, which the parties can use to continue the negotiations based on the principles agreed upon in 2015.

NOURNEWS - Most domestic and foreign analysts did not have high hopes for the progress of the talks to reach an agreement, after the representatives of the remaining countries in the JCPOA returned to the negotiating table on November 29, following the five-month suspension of the talks.

The fact is that the main reason for the disappointment with the outcome of the negotiations, rather than the influential political and diplomatic components, is the unrealistic atmosphere created by the Western and Hebrew media about the 13th Administration's approach to foreign relations and the negotiating team's inability to reach a common understanding. It was formed in the interests of the parties in the negotiations.

The wave of this destructive current was so strong that, even contrary to the previous practice, the main markets, including currency and stock exchanges, etc., not only did not react positively to the start of negotiations, but also suffered negative shocks contrary to the country's economic realities.

The strong and well-planned entry of the Iranian negotiating team into the negotiations, as well as the intelligent management of Iran's relations with the IAEA, which had become an excuse to threaten Iran's peaceful nuclear program and put pressure on the Iranian negotiators, led to psychological leverage designed to conduct psychological and perceptual warfare domestically and internationally, but the negative slope created was hardly balanced.

In the meantime, the role and function of media diplomacy and the acceptable and relatively coordinated performance of the Iranian media in enlightening and reasoned and documented support of the negotiating team in changing the equations of the playing field created by the western side of the negotiations should not be overlooked.

The main sign of a relatively balanced situation on both sides of the negotiating table is the agreement of the parties to negotiate a new draft, which is a combination of the draft from the sixth round and the new amendments and proposals from Iran.

On the basis of a new draft, which has been acknowledged by all parties to the negotiations, a specific negotiating order has been born, which the parties can use to proceed with the negotiations, based on the principles agreed upon in 2015.

The passage of this stage of negotiations can be considered the most important and difficult due to its high importance in determining the context and principles of dialogue. If the parties did not agree on the new text, it was practically impossible to continue negotiations and the previous stalemate would continue.

Considering the fact that the failure of the negotiations in the previous six periods was due to the non-acceptance of additional and corrective considerations by Iran, and the retention of Iran's demands in parentheses, can be a reliable sign of the right direction of the current negotiations.

Although it has not yet been announced when the negotiators will return to Vienna to continue the talks, it seems that a new round of talks will begin with more seriousness and intensity.

The point is that if the influence of the political components is reduced and the Western negotiators focus on the technical principles of the negotiation, it will be possible to reach an agreement faster.

These conditions, while providing the basis for increasing the productivity of the time element in the negotiations, which is of strategic value for the parties, are also a good test to determine the will of each of the negotiating parties to reach a good agreement.

The Western side of the negotiations has so far not had an acceptable score in terms of focusing on the negotiating table and has mostly tried to circumvent the logical path of the negotiations to achieve its goals by using political-psychological tools and putting pressure on Iran.

Soon, with the start of a new round of talks, it will become clear whether the new conditions will affect the West's willingness to distance itself from political and media maneuvers, or whether it will continue to heel.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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