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When America praises the criminals instead of punishment!

When America praises the criminals instead of punishment!

Joe Biden has recently hosted the "democracy meeting" with the claim of promoting democracy and support for rights, which cases of many crimes of his state and his soldiers have been honored from his agents!

NOURNEWS - The US President Joe Biden hosted the "democracy meeting" earlier this week, claiming to promote democracy, rights and punishment for democracy.

Biden's humanitarian gesture has been punished that the US media reported, according to the US Secretary of Defense, none of the military personnel played a role in drone attack in August of Kabul, killing 10 members of Ahmadi family, including 7 children.

According to the New York Times, "Lloyd Austin" decided on the acquittal, reprimand or degradation of the officials of the attack into two senior commanders, General Kenneth Mackenzie, commander of the CENTCOM and General Richard D. Clark, commander of the United States Special Operations Command, which was no reason to punish any military personnel in the units under their supervision!

This action has been carried out by the United States when human rights institutions, the United Nations officially approved this massacre and the nation of Afghanistan and the world's public opinion demanded the punishment of the perpetrators of this crime.

 Of course, this is not the only crime case that can be covered without a coverage and punishment, but a human catastrophe case that occurred at Kabul airport during the withdrawal of American forces, the children who are massacred when they pass US troops from the alleys of Afghanistan, and dozens of other similar cases Never checked and held accountable.

Remarkable. Even in cases where civilian killings were approved by American troops, compensation for the families of victims for each death was $ 46,000 and for wounds, while the United States had never been confirmed by Libya's incident, for each American 3 million demanded $ 11 billion in compensation from Libya.

Of course, history of American crimes is not merely focused on Afghanistan, but in Syria and Iraq, repeatedly these crimes and killings of civilians are repeated, but their agents have never been held up and punished.

These anti-human behaviors have a long history, while when the Vincene targeted Iran's passenger aircraft in the Gulf waters, not only did not be punished, but also received a medal. In other words, the American leaders not only punish the killers, but they are cum and thank them.

Such crimes, of course, were repeated from the United States of America, England, if Franz Press on October 28, quoted from Ben Wallace, the British Defense Minister announced that independent research on more than a thousand and 200 complaints against British troops The commitment of a war crime in Iraq between 2003 and 2009 has ended without any prosecution.

The more questionable point for inhuman behaviors of these countries is the type of human rights claims in the world.

The European Union and countries, such as Canada, claiming support for humanity and paying against countries, have been silent against these crimes.

This question is from a country like Canada, how against Iran, which has arrested and prosecuted the defendants of the Ukrainian aircraft, it continues to be engaged in gestures, but against American and British crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and many parts of the world, is silent?

These dual standards, including Canada's, are indicative of the fact that their views on rights and humanity are merely a collective and foul look.

Let's pass that these false false claimants do not have mercy even to their people, and despite the discovery of the bodies of tens of native children at night centers, the Canadian government refused to apologize and defended the crime, or about discovering the remains of bodies over 100 The native student in the lecturer in the state of Nebruary, the authorities of this country did not appeal.

The sum of these developments indicates the fact that these countries do not only have the right to comment on human rights, but should be held on the global account of the crime against humanity and killers to take a major step towards establishing peace and global security.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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