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Blind stubbornness or strategic demand ?!

Blind stubbornness or strategic demand ?!

Iran's rational demand for a guarantee from the United States is not only an obstacle to reaching an agreement, but in the past experience, its value is equivalent to the overall formation of the agreement and its stability.

NOURNEWS -  Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently said: "Nope. Joe Biden has ZERO constitutional authority to make that commitment," Cruz said on Twitter. "Unless any deal with Iran is ratified by the Senate as a treaty—which Biden knows will NOT happen—it is a 100% certainty that any future Republican president will tear it up again."

Another Republican senator, Tom Cotton, confirmed his party's statements last night, as a new round of nuclear talks began, mentioning that: "The Biden-Iran nuclear deal will be even worse than it was before, and it will be torn apart again when the Republicans come to power in the United States."

In this regard, one of the main points that was emphasized by the Islamic Republic of Iran before the start of the new round of Vienna talks and is now being pursued in the framework of talks with the P4+1 officials, is the issue of US assurances that the country will adhere to its commitments to the JCPOA, and not repeat the harmful conditions of the past.

Iran's demand, along with the need for a verifiable lifting of sanctions by the United States, is a strategic approach that, given the experience gained from the implementation of the JCPOA and the role and influence that the parties to this international agreement can play in protecting and advancing its goals and also securing the interests of each party, is of equal value to the JCPOA as a whole.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has proved at all stages of the formation and implementation of the JCPOA that it has the will, seriousness and honesty to enter into negotiations, reach an agreement, and fulfill its obligations, but the other side, especially the United States, immediately after the Obama-era agreement was finalized, began imposing new sanctions under false pretenses, and this continued with Trump coming to power and pursuing a policy of maximum pressure.

Even now, contrary to the widespread media hype created by Americans and their Western partners about changing Washington's policies during the Biden period and its willingness to enter into negotiations and reach an agreement, there has been no substantive change in its approaches and there is continuous increasing pressure on Iran.

Some political analysts at home and abroad, by downplaying the statements like those of Cruz and Cotton, try to interpret Iran's rational demand for a guarantee from the United States as an impractical request and an obstacle to reach an agreement, but such simplifications have unfortunately emerged and caused a lot of damage to the country, and if it happens again, it will impose unpredictable conditions on the country and it should be strictly avoided.

The consequences of the US illegal withdrawal from the JCPOA, the inaction of the Europeans, and the formation of a policy of maximum pressure, caused great economic damage to the Iranian people.

Overcoming the difficult situation created by adopting an "active resistance strategy" and the exemplary support of the noble and resilient people of Iran has put the country in a relatively balanced situation today, which has greatly increased hopes of making the country unaffected by oppressive sanctions.

The remarks of the US senators are important evidence that shows the real situation inside the US administration.

Certainly, the Iranian negotiating team pays sufficient and accurate attention to these statements, as experienced in the past, and will seriously and authoritatively pursue the logical, necessary, and unavoidable demands made by the violator of the JCPOA.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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