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Sanctioning Iran's oil or taking action against the global economy?

Sanctioning Iran's oil or taking action against the global economy?

Biden's claim that the global market does not need Iranian oil is more against the global economy and countries that need secure and independent energy sources than against Iran.

NOURNEWS - The President wrote in a note to the State Department; Sufficient oil is supplied to the world market, so it is possible to significantly reduce the purchase of oil from Iran by other countries.

This "Joe Biden" action can be considered a continuation of the hostile policies of the United States against the Iranian nation, which have been implemented since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and are derived from the inhuman nature of the American capitalist structure.

Biden is moving in the direction of former US presidents as drug addicts who have always failed, as Biden recently called on Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries to refrain from reducing oil production and production capacity despite global demands. Raise the oil.

This is not unrelated to the October 29 talks in Vienna. Although the Americans seem to be claiming a diplomatic approach and returning to the UN Security Council, in practice they are seeking to impose their extravagances on Iran and the P4+1.

Meanwhile, Tehran's successful consultations with JCPOA members, including Amir Abdullahian's telephone conversations with European, Russian and Chinese counterparts, as well as Ali Bagheri's periodic visit to France, Britain and Germany, have raised fears that sanctions could become more ineffective. Is.

Accordingly, the Americans, by imposing new sanctions and claims that it is necessary to counter the sale of Iranian oil, are trying to oppose the lifting of sanctions on the one hand with a P5 + 1 view, and on the other hand, selling oil, which is Iran's right, as a concession. In return, they will pursue a free return to JCPOA and the non-lifting of other sanctions.

To describe precisely; The United States is trying to raise such issues and inalienable rights as a new concession, rather than fulfilling its obligations to lift sanctions and overshadow the forthcoming negotiation process.

The point is that successful economic, political and security diplomacy of Iran, such as active participation in the Delhi regional security summit, the visit of the economic team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Iraqi Kurdistan region, etc., which took place against the US will in isolating Iran, has worried Washington.

On the other hand, the US claims that the world market does not need Iranian oil while other producers, either in African and Latin American countries, are embroiled in internal and regional conflicts or, like the Arabs of the Persian Gulf, have no will other than the White House. The action against Iran is an action against the global economy and countries that need secure and independent energy sources.

In other words, with this action, the United States is trying to trap countries such as China, India, Japan and even some European countries in the unstable energy market and use energy tactics to extort money from them. It is American politics.

At the same time, energy-consuming countries should be aware that participating in oil sanctions against Iran will only result in a US blackmail cycle, as many other oil producers are obedient to the US and whenever Washington wants to close it. Oil and gas valves are causing them trouble.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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