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Security – Political challenges of Afghanistan

Security – Political challenges of Afghanistan

Having considered the trend of current developments in Afghanistan, it seems that the country is witnessing an intra-Taliban bloody settlement of account from Eastern and Southern regions.

NOURNEWS - Ring of operations carried out after the fall of the former government of Ashraf Ghani, and taking office by Taliban in Afghanistan indicate that instability will remain in the country for long and forever. Unfortunately, we should witness more unpleasant events in the country (in future).

Afghanistan has become an ample ground for expansion of terrorism. Extremist forces and terrorist groups will mature in places where there suffers from vacuum of power or weak authority. Unfortunately, the situation is the result of irresponsible withdrawal of American forces from the country and failure of talks to engage participation of different political groups in Afghanistan and setting up an interim transitional government which ultimately led to an overall governance of Taliban.

As Taliban lacks an integrated political, security and social organization, the deprivation in having governance organization is crystal clear and certain; the economic system in Afghanistan has completely collapsed, health and treatment system is on the brink of annihilation, and Taliban has so far failed to revive the education system of the country. Public offices’ employees have not received their salaries, and the military personnel of the country have uncertain future after the army obliteration, this is the same with security forces. The rank and file people are deprived from the least wage to sustain; in such a dramatic situation settling the account among different fractions of Taliban with the recent range of explosions have made the people disappointed about restoring the security.

Lack of Clear Delimitation among Extremist Groups Like ISIS with Taliban

Taliban Bases are located in geographical regions and their tribal connections are Pashtun. Therefore, they lack integrated organization and organized system. Majority of the group’s members joined it by their ethnical and regional loyalty. That’s why there is no clear border among extremist groups like ISIS with Taliban. Therefore, infiltration of extremist forces and or ISIS into Taliban forces is definite.

In such a situation, serious confrontation of Taliban against extremist factions is an unreal expectation; because it hurts its local integration and is incapable to exert pressure on its forces and is unable to confront threats like this. Moreover, the expectation of Taliban fans and forces to be financially funded would cause Taliban to concern if it will not meet their demands, they would join Taliban’s rival groups such as ISIS.

A large number of public sector employees, military and security personnel are not receiving the minimum wage to sustain them and they have not received any salary at all. As the result, extremist forces are capable to recruit them into their organizations.

In view of the recent attack against the military hospital, those who were attacked were top commanders of extremist faction of Taliban that contrary to the Doha agreement had entered to Kabul and managed to seize the Presidential Pavilion, it seems that we are witnessing a bloody settlement of account between Eastern and Southern sectors of Taliban.

Taliban has trained a division for suicide forces and after setting up its government, the division has been showed off. Taliban admires them; in fact, any encouragement to commit suicide attacks may entangle Taliban itself.

The internal coup inside Taliban to seize Kabul which was staged with the collaboration of some elements from Pakistani Army is showing its impacts gradually, and we will witness more internal settlement of accounts. The mistrust among Taliban was so extensive that Maulavi Hebatollah, leader of Taliban did not dare to travel to Kabul. Thus, he called Kabul as insecure for himself and his supporters. There were even rumors of transferring the capital from Kabul to Kandahar. Another dispute among them was to change the national flag.

Boosting Security Dangers for Afghanistan Neighbors             

Afghanistan security dangers are quite high particularly for its neighboring countries. Many countries such as Iran have not felt the serious risk from Afghanistan yet. The country was left free for riots the costs of which are imposed upon the regional countries by the U.S.

Unfortunately, there is no integration and solidarity in the region among regional countries, while the security of these countries is tied together. In such circumstances, holding of multilateral meetings like the meeting of the foreign ministers of neighboring countries to Afghanistan in Tehran was just one of the few steps necessary to reduce the losses emanated from security threats in Afghanistan. Steps linked to this meeting should be taken immediately followed by its conclusion. The regional countries should make an urgent decision for further practical steps, and Afghanistan neighboring countries should consider necessary facilities in different security, social, political and economic fields to be less impacted by security threats originated from Afghanistan.

We witness that there is a kind of unawareness towards the extent and severity of security menaces from Afghanistan among its neighboring countries. Along with the lack of sufficient understanding of Taliban phenomenon, some countries have preferred to directly engage in interaction with Taliban because of the fear of insecurities originated from Afghanistan. They argue that at the moment there is no alternative for the status quo in Afghanistan, which is a correct implication to some extent.

We too face a country and a government whose people have profound historic and cultural links with our people. Therefore, despite the internal developments in Afghanistan, preserving the security of borders, good neighborly relations and facilitating the dispatch of aids and or trade activities are necessary for the people of the country.

It must be noted that although the present circumstance has no alternative but it is not a favorable situation for any of the neighboring countries either. Political forces of Afghanistan who have different or even opposing views from those of Taliban have realized the importance of unity of views and common viewpoints and solidarity with the people of Afghanistan against the grave present circumstances and thus they rediscover themselves.

Necessity to Cast Long Term Look towards the Security Issue              

Some countries have preferred to adopt a short term strategy and to win the satisfaction of Taliban and thus, to guarantee their security through interaction with the ruling group in Afghanistan. It is necessary that the regional countries cast a long term look and to consider the security status in short, medium and long terms. Perhaps Taliban can help some countries to secure their borders in shirt term but ultimately, it is necessary to set up a far-reaching government in Afghanistan in order to cover and include all Afghans and to enjoy the trust and participation of all factions and groups.

If the Taliban keep its distance from extremist forces and set up a far-reaching government with the participation of all ethnics and groups, they have guaranteed their sustainability and thus will be benefitted from internal and external supports. Their neighbors will also have more assurance to interact with them and will consider it as an indication of political maturity and correct understanding of circumstances.


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