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Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran addressing the third regional security dialogue meeting in New Delhi

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran addressing the third regional security dialogue meeting in New Delhi

Enumerating the solutions to the Afghan problem, Admiral Shamkhani said: "The Islamic Republic declares its readiness to provide all its facilities, such as communication routes and port facilities, including Chabahar, to solve this problem."

NOURNEWS - International Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of our Supreme National Security Council, delivered a speech at the third regional dialogue meeting in New Delhi. 
The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council and the representative of the Supreme Leader to the leaders of the countries present at the meeting said: "We have always emphasized that peace is the common will of the people and tribes of Afghanistan, but this is an important point that everyone should pay attention to." That the The united States was deceitful even on the issue of peace in Afghanistan.
Shamkhani said: "Despite pretending to make peace in Afghanistan, the United States had no plans to do so, and its only goal was to get rid of the self-made catastrophe that caused trouble in Afghanistan, the region and the world due to its arrogant and self-righteous temperament."
He went on to enumerate the solutions to the problem of Afghanistan and stressed the common efforts to create a comprehensive government consisting of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan and to deal with the humanitarian crisis in this country and said: The Islamic Republic declares that it is ready to do everything to provide a port including Chabahar to solve this problem.

Detailed speech of the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council at the third session of the Regional Security Dialogue in Delhi:


In the name of God

Execellency; Mr Ajit Duval
Dear Colleagues, Excellencies,

I am very delighted to meet the Excellencies in the third Regional Security Dialogue Meeting. As you are already informed, the first and second meetings were held and hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the second meeting in Tehran, the Indian colleagues accepted to host the third round. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, our Indian colleagues had to postpone the meeting to a year later. Now, I would like to express my gratitude to His Excellency Ajit Duwal for his commitment to hold this conference and continuing a process which has already begun. I sincerely appreciate his hospitality and organizing this meeting in the best possible way.
In our view, the role of India to help with peace and stability is very important.
In the meetings which were held in Tehran, we discussed various issues related to Afghanistan, including countering terrorism, assisting developing the country and compensating for the damages that Western countries, particularly the United States, have inflicted on Afghanistan. We all agreed that peace, security and prosperity of Afghanistan would be in the common interest of regional countries and those who attend this meeting. Dear colleagues, holding three meetings by national security advisors and secretaries of Afghanistan's neighbouring countries just before accepting defeat and withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan demonstrates the correct perception we had from the situation in this country. However, the Americans, like always, were suffering from miscalculation and with their escape from Afghanistan caused a scandal for themselves and created many problems for Afghan people.
Dear Colleagues, may I first review very briefly the impacts and consequences of the occupation of Afghanistan by the United States?
The United States invaded and occupied Afghanistan twenty years ago under the excuse of countering Taliban and Al-Qaeda and combating terrorism. They promised to make Afghanistan an example and an inspiration for other countries in the region. Instead of making Afghanistan success and a source of inspiration for others, all the indicators in these crises – which hit the country have been sharply dropped and become much worse than in the past. Terrorism is on the rise, poverty and misery have grown, cultivation and drug trafficking have increased much more than the past, migration of the people has sharply increased, US fighters have mass massacred many innocent Afghan people for vague reasons, even during wedding and mourning ceremonies, and nation - state building, a signature promise made by the US, got bogged down. Americans even failed in fulfilling their main responsibility which was founding the army and security system. The whole world witnessed for themselves how the Afghan army and security system, which had been trained and equipped by the Americans, were powerless just like the Americans themselves, and how it finally collapsed. Having suffered a humiliating defeat, the United States had to flee from Afghanistan. It inflicted a lot of damages on this country and massacred thousands of Afghan men, women and children, and the whole process became a lesson to be learned by all those who try to rely on shallow powers such as the US instead of relying on their own capabilities. Today, we have Afghanistan with an accumulation of difficulties, and it is incumbent upon us all to save this country and get it to the safe shore.
Dear Colleagues,
We have always reiterated that peace is desired by all the people and ethnic groups in Afghanistan. But the point everyone has to take into account is that the United States even on the important issue of peace was not sincere and honest. America simply didn't have any plan for sustainable peace in Afghanistan, and its only aim was to extricate itself from a self-inflicted conflict and due to its colonial attitude left a host of issues for the region and the world.
It was due to this reason that the I.R. of Iran did not participate in any forums that the United States sponsored under the title of peace and security in Afghanistan because we were sure that any attempt by the US for peace in Afghanistan is just a pretence and a cover to disentangle itself from the self-inflicted quagmire of Afghanistan.
In contrast, and seeking the assistance of internal and external players of Afghanistan, we tried to put into action certain policies which would be really in the interest of our oppressed brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and also in the interest of neighbouring and regional countries. The policies we were following were indeed to establish a sustainable and inclusive peace and stability in Afghanistan which would secure our common interests. Even at this point in time, we prioritize forums which would guarantee the interests of Afghan people. In this context, we underscore that the United Nations should be the focal point for any consultations and assistance to the wounded Afghanistan.
But acceptance of responsibility by the United States and its allies for current problems of Afghanistan during twenty years of occupying the country needs to be highlighted now. Compensating Afghan people for the damages they have inflicted on the lives and properties of Afghans is the least responsibility of occupying forces. Although we know many of these damages are irreversible. How is it possible to compensate for the lost lives or repair bodily and spiritual damages? Or is it possible to recover the time which has been wasted on building a state and a nation? Quite to the contrary, we see that the United States in a clear act of hostility has denied Afghan people of their little money.
Dear Colleagues,
Today, on one hand, we are facing a new reality in Afghanistan, and denying this reality would not allow us to exit from the difficult situation we are having in this country. On the other hand, we all know that Afghanistan has consisted of different ethnic groups and only in the light of the participation of all political parties and ethnic groups we can be hopeful that the country would be able to leave behind this critical period. Removal of any ethnic and political group would pave the way for Afghanistan to experience again unsustainable conditions. Therefore, I.R. of Iran has always attached great importance to this issue in its friendly recommendations to all concerned parties in Afghanistan. We underline again in this important forum that the only solution for the problems in Afghanistan comes through the formation of a national inclusive government in which all the ethnic and religious groups would have their say. To this end, we would spare no efforts in the interest of the Afghan people.
Today, we are facing a threat in Afghanistan which we believe could be part of the plots hatched by occupiers to achieve their objectives. This threat emanates from the presence and expansion of Daesh and other Takfiri terrorist groups. The menace of sectarian conflict also looms large in Afghanistan. These threats would create problems for all of us, regardless of being a neighbouring or non-neighbouring country to Afghanistan.
Within this context, we have three major concerns, and we need your cooperation as to how to address these concerns. Our first concern is the involvement of some countries in relocating Takfiri element from elsewhere into Afghanistan. It had been going on in the past, and the intelligence gathered by intelligence agencies indicates it is still continuing, and this simply adds to our concerns.
The growth of poverty and humanitarian crisis happens to be our second concern. This is a very important and yet very dangerous issue. On one hand, from the humanitarian perspective it is incumbent on us all to come up with certain policies to mitigate this poverty in order to alleviate the sufferings of Afghan people. On the other hand, if this issue is not properly addressed, it will provide an excuse for terrorist groups to recruit fighters and that by itself will further destabilize the country. Because for people who cannot afford their very basic needs, financial offers made by terrorist groups would be very tempting. In such a scenario, the Afghan people and all regional countries, particularly neighbouring countries, would have to pay a high cost. We should also not forget financing terrorism per se is an important issue.
Our third concern is the crisis of Afghan refugees and migration from Afghanistan. It is necessary to provide safe accommodation accompanied with welfare for Afghan people inside their own country. The I.R. of Iran has been hosting more than three million Afghan refugees for many years. 94 percent of these refugees live and work like other Iranian citizens in different parts of the country and only 6 percent of these refugees live in the camps. It is pertinent to mention that, unfortunately, 96 percent of the relevant costs and expenses of these refugees have been funded by our own country, and only four percent have been paid by relevant international organizations. Therefore, if God forbidden, we ever face a new wave of refugees, although against our will, we may not be able to accept them due to the unjust sanctions imposed on our people . If other countries and responsible international organizations do not assist us, we won't be able to discharge this responsibility alone and, witting or unwittingly, all the countries, particularly Western countries, would be adversely impacted by these refugees.
Dear colleagues
At the end, I would like to point out some important issues which demand our attention, and we have to address them through close consultations:
1- Countries which have brought about the current situation in Afghanistan should accept their responsibility for today's ills in this country.
2- An all-out effort to be made for the formation of an inclusive government consisting of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan
3- Assisting Afghan people to resolve their problems and avert a humanitarian crisis in the country. The Islamic Republic of Iran stands prepared to offer all its capabilities, including its roads and port facilities, especially facilities in Chabahar Port, to this purpose.
4- To exert pressure on the United States to release financial resources of Afghan oppressed people so that these people can benefit from their own money.
5- To combat terrorism stemming from Daesh and Takfiri groups in Afghanistan. In doing so, the financial channels of these groups need to be identified and cut off.
6- To offer assistance to resolve migration crisis and also to assist countries which host Afghan refugees.

It seems security crises and terrorism, particularly terrorism emanating from Takfiri groups, would not leave the countries of this region alone, and the only way to tackle these crises is constant cooperation between regional countries. Therefore, we propose:
1- The current forum may expand its working subjects so that it can discuss and address more inclusive issues and, if necessary and through consensus of member states, may include some other countries to this forum.
2- A permanent secretariat needs to be set up to constantly follow the agreements and decisions made in the meetings of the forum. The islamic Republic of Iran stands prepared to establish this secretariat in Tehran through the cooperation with other member states.
3- In this context, we think it is quite necessary to determine who would host the next meeting. However, if other members are not prepared to host the next meeting, Iran would be prepared to host the next meeting.



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