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Requirements for achieving the goals of the Afghanistan Neighbors Meeting in Tehran

Requirements for achieving the goals of the Afghanistan Neighbors Meeting in Tehran

Iran has always emphasized endogenous, indigenous and regional security and believes that the countries of the region can ensure lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region in a regional security mechanism and order with close cooperation.

NOURNEWS - The second round of Afghanistan's Neighbors' Meeting is being held in person-online in Tehran on November 25, and the foreign ministers of six neighboring countries, namely Iran, Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, as well as Russia, are attending.

The first round of the Afghanistan Neighbors' Meeting, hosted by Pakistan, was held virtually on September 14 at the level of Special Representatives and on September 17 at the level of Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan's neighboring countries.

The final statement of the first meeting stated; Neighbors talked in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and with a constructive approach, emphasizing the need for the Afghan people to play an effective role in the future of the country, protection of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, formation of an inclusive government and non-threat and intervention of other countries.

On this basis; The Tehran meeting was also held with a focus on the same issues and with the aim of implementing it through joint efforts and strengthening regional convergence with the focus on non-interference of supra-regional forces.

As one of Afghanistan's neighbors directly affected by the events in Afghanistan, Iran attaches great importance to strengthening regional cooperation to help the peace process in Afghanistan and, as previously demonstrated, has stood by the Afghan people at all crucial times in Afghanistan's history.

In the thirteenth government, considering that one of the pillars of the country's foreign policy is the expansion of relations with its neighbors, the issue of Afghanistan and helping to achieve peace, prosperity and security is on the government's definite agenda, especially since Iran is always on Emphasizes endogenous, indigenous and regional security and believes that countries in the region can work together to ensure lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region through a regional security mechanism and order.

To achieve the goals of this meeting, however, there are requirements:

First; Afghanistan's way out of the current challenges can only be found in the inter-Afghan dialogue without foreign interference, so all-out efforts to form an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic-religious groups are essential.

Second; A stable, secure, developed, and prosperous Afghanistan will certainly serve the interests of all its neighbors, so convergence and a solution-oriented view of all neighbors are essential.

Third; In order to attract and secure the views of all people and different strata in Afghanistan, it is essential that the ruling group, as previously promised, fulfill its undeniable obligations, including ensuring the security of all religious and ethnic groups, fighting terrorist groups and guaranteeing individual and social freedoms, especially women's rights.

Fourth; To better host Afghan refugees in neighboring countries, the financial and political assistance of the international community, including governments and institutions, to the host countries is essential, and no one should shy away from their role in this.

Fifth; Sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan is another requirement, and everyone should be as active as Iran.

Sixth; The threat of the return of ISIS to Afghanistan and the need to jointly combat the phenomenon of terrorism, especially by countries in the region, is another requirement that Afghanistan's neighbors and the ruling group must commit to.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi



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