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Confirmation of Nournews reports on the establishment of an Israeli spy base in the UAE

Confirmation of Nournews reports on the establishment of an Israeli spy base in the UAE

The Zionist regime's Walla news site confirmed the Nournews reports of three months ago on the establishment of an Israeli spy base in the UAE to spy on the Iranian nuclear program by the regime.

NOURNEWS - Nearly three months ago, Western-Zionist media claimed leading by Reuters during a massive media operation through spreading lies, that two "Asphalt Princess" and "Golden Brilliant" ships had been hijacked in the Persian Gulf by Iranian forces.

This all-out media war, which provoked the hasty reactions of then-British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken against our country, was aimed at escalating tensions on the eve of the inauguration of the new president and intensifying pressure on Iran to score concessions in the Vienna talks, done through the insecurity of the Persian Gulf and the introduction of Iran as a dangerous player in the region.

At the time, Nournews denied the claims, citing an informed source, on the establishment of a Mossad spy base in the UAE and disrupting the navigation systems of vessels in the region.

The news thwarted a plot by the Washington-London-Tel Aviv Joint think tanks against our country to try to blame Iran for disturbing transit ships, so much so that after the White House retreated, London also sent letters through a mediator to Tehran, and withdrew from its childish position of reciprocal response.

Today, the Zionist regime-owned "Walla" news site has confirmed the report of Nournews by publishing the news that a special database has been set up in UAE to spy on the Iranian nuclear program by this regime.

The Israeli media quoted an Israeli army officer as claiming that the base, using its artificial intelligence capabilities, had been able to gather a lot of information about Iran's nuclear program and, in addition, play a key role in identifying Iran's movements in Syria and confronting with pro-Iranian groups in that region.

The report of this Zionist media shows that Iran's emphasis on Tel Aviv evils and insecurity in the region by this regime is quite accurate and Tehran expects from international organizations, especially the International Atomic Energy Agency, to protect its members in the face of sabotage and vicious acts based on reality.

In recent months, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has taken an illegal approach, instead of condemning the Zionist regime's acts of sabotage against Iran's nuclear facilities and protecting Iran's inalienable rights in the IAEA, trying to intensify its pressure on Iran to accept the White House and European parties plans and requests in the JCPOA negotiations.



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