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Publish Date : 8/29/2021 12:19:46 PM
"Other Options" by Biden and Bennett; An expensive bluff for nothing


"Other Options" by Biden and Bennett; An expensive bluff for nothing

Existing facts show that the US government, due to the failure of its military-security strategies in the region and its expulsion from Afghanistan and pressure in Iraq, not only does not have the means to defend the Zionist regime's terrorist and chaotic policies in the region, but now in unprecedented circumstances, it has faced fragile problems and challenges, even for a safe escape from the region.

NOURNEWS - At a time when the Islamic Republic is expanding constructive relations and developing diplomatic cooperation in the region, the Zionist regime has not given up its conspiracies under the pretext of confronting our peaceful nuclear program and is trying to oust the US government. This leads to creating a crisis against Iran.

In this regard, the new Prime Minister of the occupying regime in Jerusalem, who is trying to prove to everyone that he is more active in the field of enmity with Iran than Netanyahu, in his first meeting with US President Joe Biden, presented a strategy to deal with Iran. He intends to present it to him against Iran and has discussed it with the US President.

Emphasizing Washington's strong ties and strategic partnership with Tel Aviv, Biden also pledged that he would use "other options" if diplomatic solutions failed to halt Iran's nuclear program. He has said that diplomacy is his first option, but if his attempt to revive the Iran nuclear deal fails, he will consider other options.

This is while the unilateral and illegal withdrawal of the US government from the JCPOA agreement and the violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231 by Washington is the main reason for the deadlock in the implementation of JCPOA and the damages that this US action has caused to the Islamic Republic of Iran amount to hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Biden administration, which from the beginning identified itself as a critic of Trump's foreign policy, especially on the issue of the US withdrawal from the JCPOA agreement, has not changed the course of pressure on Iran even after returning to JCPOA revival talks and is pursuing a coercive policy.

Iran has never left the negotiating table to answer the question of why diplomatic channels fail, but a country that has unilaterally withdrawn from an international agreement has violated all the norms accepted by the international community and in the new situation after six rounds of negotiations, It also seeks to continue the policy of maximum pressure against Iran behind the mask of diplomatic channels, it has no right to claim a country whose legal rights have been openly violated.

In such circumstances, the publication of the content of the talks between the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime and the President of the United States and the atmosphere and speculations directed by the Western and Zionist media before and after this meeting of the joint Israeli-US plan to increase pressure on Iran to force our country back from its legal position on the nuclear issue

The threat of using "other options" against Iran, which the Zionist media has translated as "military action", is a clear proof that the US President and Prime Minister of the Zionist regime have accepted responsibility for any hostile action against Iran. It is also a legal license for response from Iran.

The Zionists' excessive haste in carrying out their anti-Iranian strategy, now dubbed "Death with a Thousand Wounds", shows that the change in regional equations and the growing political and social problems within the occupied territories and the regime's continued defeat of the resistance has made a big impression on the leaders of the Zionist regime.

Bennett has taken a huge political-security risk by stepping on the path of openly threatening Iran and trying to persuade Biden to enter this dangerous game.

Definitely, taking a bite of this size is not commensurate with the digestion of sparrows, and of course, the sick of this diet and only accelerates the premature suffocation of this fake diet.

Although Biden met with Bennett to try to both defend Israel and seize the opportunity to pressure Iran to make concessions on the nuclear issue, the facts on the scene show that the US government has failed due to its military-security strategies in the region and the expulsion from Afghanistan and the pressure in Iraq not only do not have the means to defend the terrorist and chaotic policies of the Zionist regime in the region, but are now in unprecedented conditions that even for safe escape from the region with problems and Fragile challenges are faced.

Deviations, especially relying on the rotten tools of the military threat to force Iran to relinquish its legal rights, have never been able to get the designers to do so, and this time it will.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has explicitly stated its unchangeable message by fulfilling its obligations under the JCPOA  Agreement, as well as by adopting a policy of active resistance after the coercion and coercion of the Western parties.

If there is a hearing, the stalemate that the United States has created in the nuclear case can be opened.



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