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Publish Date : 8/23/2021 7:00:02 AM
Memorable lessons from the recent developments in Afghanistan


Memorable lessons from the recent developments in Afghanistan

The United States and NATO's military inability and weakness became more apparent when the U.S. and other countries active in the occupation of Afghanistan issued a statement calling for the safe withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan, in other words, asking the Taliban for a safe deposit to withdraw their troops!

NOURNEWS - Afghanistan has entered a new phase of development with the Taliban's takeover of Kabul, and at the same time has provoked many reactions inside and outside the country.

Meanwhile, the behavior and reaction of the Americans to the rise of the Taliban and the recent developments in Afghanistan have significant points that can be mentioned as memorable lessons:

First; The United States and NATO have always claimed that there is a rapid response force in Afghanistan, which was formed in 2016 based on the decisions of the NATO summit, while when the Taliban arrived in Kabul, no sign of these alleged forces was seen not only to counter the Taliban, who did not even have to withdraw their troops from Kabul airport.

The military weakness of the United States and NATO became more apparent when the United States and other countries active in the occupation of Afghanistan issued a statement calling for the safe withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan, in other words, a request for a ceasefire, indicating that their withdrawal was contrary to US leaders' claims. It was not for leaving things to the people, but for weakness, and, in fact, it was a kind of forced expulsion.

Second; US officials, including President Biden, have said they did not expect the Taliban to take over Kabul and did not know that Ashraf Ghani and the Afghan army would surrender to the Taliban, and, on the other hand, did not know how many Americans there were in Afghanistan, which indicates a severe weakness of US intelligence.

The situation for the US and NATO intelligence systems in Afghanistan, even after twenty years of military occupation, is indeed one of the lesser-known scandals for the army, which considers itself the most powerful military force in the world.

Statements made by senior Washington officials over the past few days show that they have not only failed to accurately assess the Taliban's military capabilities, but have even failed to estimate their forces in Afghanistan!

This could also be a lesson for some Arab countries in the region which, based on US intelligence claims, have taken a stand against the Islamic Republic and the Resistance Front and have willingly or unwillingly become a key to US critical goals in the region.

Third; during the 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan, the Americans have sought to westernize culture and change the religious views and attitudes of the people. The relative distance of the Taliban from some extremist views has led to the relative acceptance of this group in different provinces that they have conquered.

The incident, which was accompanied by the flight of Americans and some former Afghan officials as symbols of Western culture as well as imposing a military defeat on the United States, also reflects Washington's failure to build a 20-year cultural presence in Afghanistan.

Although the Afghan people are strongly opposed to some of the Taliban's extremist ideologies, the new circumstances show that Afghans are by no means willing to accept Western culture.

Recent developments in Afghanistan have shown that the Muslims of this country, while emphasizing the preservation of Islamic values, which they demonstrated by holding a glorious Muharram ceremony, insist on their right to determine their own destiny and end the occupation of their country.

Fourth; after a 20-year presence in Afghanistan, the Americans have organized a network of Afghans to work together in a variety of fields, following many of their menus.

After the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, the expectation of those who had worked with the United States for years and feared that the Taliban would be punished was to leave Afghanistan with US support and receive a reward for supporting US goals in their country.

Washington, however, has not only left thousands of Afghans who had served in the United States for years as translators or other titles with an unknown fate, but has taken no action to help them but because of its influence in some countries. The region did not use these people to transfer them and only advised them to be sympathetic to the need to tolerate them.

The scenes of the past few days at Kabul Airport, which had global repercussions, are a bitter tragedy that should be described as a disgusting image of American loyalty and Western human rights.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi



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