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Publish Date : 8/21/2021 6:43:20 AM
Baghdad Meeting and Frameworks for Collective Security


Baghdad Meeting and Frameworks for Collective Security

The solution to the Baghdad summit is the real will and approach of the participants for convergence and cohesion to resolve the region's crises without foreign intervention, rather than a global consensus to end US intervention in the region, the fight against the Zionist regime and terrorism, and the end of the war in Yemen, as well as the firm support of Lebanon to get out of the impasse.

NOURNEWS - The summit is scheduled to take place in Baghdad later this month with the participation of Iraq's neighbors, including Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries in the region.

In this context, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein during his visit to Tehran conveyed the message of the invitation of Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi to President Raisi.

There are some important points about this meeting:

First; Iran is one of the supporters and founders of regional convergence to solve the crises and challenges in the region and has always been a pioneer in this field by presenting plans such as the Hormuz Peace and holding bilateral and multilateral meetings such as Tehran meeting with Afghan groups, the Astana initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis. Even now, it welcomes and supports the action of Iraq and any country that sincerely seeks the convergence of the countries in the region.

Second; It is an undeniable fact that Iraq, which was in regional isolation during Saddam's regime and suffered more devastation and crisis after the US occupation of the country in 2003, is today blessed with the achievements of independence, as well as its role as a resistance front for security. And the stability of the region has been able to achieve such a position that it will host such a meeting today.

The Iraqi experience clearly shows that the way to reach a regional position is to stay away from the United States and to be on the resistance front as a demand of the nations of the region.

Third; the solution to this meeting is the real will and approach of the participants for convergence and cohesion to solve the crises in the region without foreign interference. The main problem in the region is that some countries are still under the illusion of being a US superpower and have designed their programs not based on current realities in the region and their nations' demands for regional convergence but on US satisfaction, which results in challenges between countries and crises such as Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine.

As long as some countries out look of the region and even consider themselves obliged to fulfill their demands, it will certainly not bring any results except the continuation of the unhealthy situation in the region.

Fourth; the important issue is the agenda of this meeting. Issues such as the improvement of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia are marginal issues that some foreign media magnify in order to purge the critical image of the West and the Zionist regime in the region. The US crisis in the region and the need to expel it from the region, the crimes of the Zionist regime, the crisis in Yemen and the need to end the war imposed on this country as soon as possible.

Now is the time for a nationwide consensus to end US intervention in the region, to fight Zionism and terrorism, and to end the war in Yemen, as well as to give firm support to Lebanon to break the deadlock.

Achieving this will pave the way for the region to achieve lasting stability and security based on the convergence of its neighbors, a trend that could be replicated and expanded on issues such as countering Corona and the economic pressures imposed by the United States and its partners on many countries in the region.

In any form; while welcoming Iraq's efforts and initiatives to create regional convergence, Iran considers a comprehensive and universal view on the principle of regional cooperation and cohesion away from any dependence outside the region as an important key to achieving the goals of this summit and achieving lasting stability and security in the region. He knows and will not give up any action in this way, as he has played the greatest role in dealing with the crises in the region, which are rooted in the actions of the Zionist regime and trans-regional interventions, and in this way he shakes the hand of every country in the region.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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