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Why did Imran Khan oppose the US military base?

Why did Imran Khan oppose the US military base?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, publicly stating the consequences of giving the US military base, is trying to provoke public opinion against this plan as a means of pressure against US threats to protect his country from the consequences of the US military presence.

NOURNEWS - Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed that even if Islamabad agrees to provide a base for Washington to conduct counter-terrorism operations, the United States will not be able to win the war in Afghanistan.
He also stressed that giving the base to the United States would create insecurity in Pakistan.
But what is the reason for the Pakistani Prime Minister to take this position?
First, Pakistan has two decades of experience working with the United States, resulting in insecurity and the spread of terrorist activities in the country, so Imran Khan emphasizes the critical nature of the United States and believes that by accepting their request, Pakistan will once again be the target of retaliatory terrorist attacks.
Second, Despite Musharraf's cooperation with the United States during the 9/11 attacks on Afghanistan, Washington did not live up to its military and economic promises to Islamabad and even escalated the security crisis in the country.
Importantly, although the United States has apparently not imposed much sanctions on Pakistan, US interference and sabotage in relations between Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has led to the non-implementation of the peace pipeline plan to transfer energy to Pakistan, has come at a heavy cost.
On the other hand, the United States has sought to distance Islamabad from Beijing through political, security and economic pressure, which has added to Pakistan's economic challenges. In other words, the United States has pursued a policy of sanctions against Pakistan in the name of other countries in order to keep Islamabad dependent on it.
Third, Imran Khan's stance not to give the United States a military base is based on current facts in Pakistan and the demands of the Pakistani people on their rulers. Pakistani public opinion does not accept the US presence in their country and considers this presence a repetition of the devastation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the surrender of Arab countries to the US.
America's record in the world shows that it has never sought to interact with nations, and it is still in the imagination of a unipolar and self-conceited system that does not even hesitate to destroy countries, overthrow governments and support terrorism.
The people and government of Pakistan see the independence of their country as dependent on the distance from the United States and aim to achieve this while maintaining the security and stability of their country, to promote regional and global status as an independent and free country.
Given these factors, it can be said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, by publicly stating the consequences of giving a military base to the United States, is trying to provoke public opinion against this plan as a means of pressure against US threats to protect his country from the consequences of the US military presence.
The reaction of the Prime Minister of Pakistan can be seen as a manifestation of the prevailing thinking in the world that the United States is not the savior but the root of the crisis and distance from this country is the basis of peace and security and accompanying it causes crisis and heavy losses for their country.
This is a remarkable lesson for those who continue to see the United States as a superpower and a force to be reckoned with, and in order to preserve their throne and monarchy, they are yielding to Washington's demands, including compromise with the Zionist regime, which is a great betrayal of the region, the Muslim world, Palestine and its nations.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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