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Publish Date : 2021/06/24 02:32
NATO, support for JCPOA or hostility for survival?

NATO, support for JCPOA or hostility for survival?

NATO seeks to compensate for the humiliation that it has suffered on the world stage with its nuclear, missile and regional atmosphere around Iran, and by destroying Iran's image, it seeks to conceal its inability to achieve global security.

NOURNEWS - The NATO summit in Brussels was held at a time when one of the topics discussed at the summit was the issue of JCPOA.
Following their meeting in Brussels, NATO leaders referred in part to their final statement on Iran's nuclear program and ongoing talks to revive the JCPOA in Vienna.
"We are committed to ensuring that Iran never develops a nuclear weapon," mentioned in the statement, reiterating past accusations of deploying Iran's nuclear activities in a non-peaceful manner.
"We support the goal of reviving the non-proliferation benefits of JCPOA and ensuring the purely peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program."
Without mentioning Iran's extensive cooperation with the IAEA and the IAEA's political and non-technical conduct, NATO members have claimed:
"We support the Agency's oversight and verification activities, and this will help ensure that Iran adheres to safeguards provisions in the Non-Proliferation Treaty and other obligations."
Another noteworthy point is the statement of regional claims against Iran in this statement:
"The revival and full implementation of the JCPOA could pave the way for addressing security and regional concerns, including support for the non-proliferation regime."
In the meantime, they have made claims to Europe and three European countries that they need targets beyond the nuclear program, against Iran's missile capability and regional situation:
"We condemn Iran's support for proxy groups and non-governmental armed actors, including through the financing, training and dissemination of missile technology and weapons. We call on Iran to suspend all its ballistic missile activities in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231."

Given the points above, we should ask what NATO's goals were in raising these issues:

A) A look at NATO's internal situation reveals so many differences among members that are reluctant to accept the US plan to increase members' quotas on NATO spending. At the same time, European nations are pessimistic about NATO, emphasizing that NATO leaders are abusing other members for their own purposes, and that they should not pay the price.
On the other hand, public opinion in the world no longer considers NATO a savior because of its inability to ensure the security of Afghanistan, and the crisis situation in other parts of the world, including Libya, has made NATO not the face of a savior but an occupier.
Under these circumstances, it can be said that NATO has neither internal agreement nor external legitimacy, and it is practically difficult for it to survive.
Accordingly, the scenario is that NATO with plans such as the 2030 document to increase the scope of its global activities and highlight the enmity of China and Russia, as well as baseless and fabricated claims about the nuclear threat and Iran's security to justify increased military budget and satisfaction Western public opinion, is in favor of accepting the continuation of NATO so that it may be able to survive with this tactic.

B) According to its charter, NATO has a military nature to protect the security of Europe and the United States, while since the collapse of the Soviet Union (1990) NATO has sought to introduce itself as the world police and has always defined new missions. As in the 2010 and 2016 meetings, it also approved the entry into the field of nuclear, cyber, economic and narcotics and the formation of a special force for sudden and offensive operations.
This approach becomes even more significant when NATO has made it its mission to maintain the capitalist system and its economic domination of the world, as at a recent meeting, China was formally identified as a security threat due to economic developments and emphasized to counter it.
Based on this approach and NATO's global ambition, it can be said that NATO's claims against Iran's nuclear activities and missile position are derived from the colonial approach of NATO leaders in West Asia, who see Iran and the Resistance Front as a barrier to this hegemony.

C) The important point is that after 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan, NATO not only did not achieve world security, but also paved the way for the spread of terrorism in this country and the world, and finally was forced to leave Afghanistan with the scandal of defeat.
On the other hand, Iran and the Resistance Front have been able to record a successful record in world security, and the world recognizes that if it were not for Iran and the Resistance Front, terrorism would have spread all over the globe.
This global fact has marked the humiliation of NATO and the promotion of Iran's global position, so it can be said that NATO seeks to compensate for the humiliation suffered on the world stage by its nuclear, missile and regional atmosphere around Iran, and by destroying Iran's image, it seeks to conceal its inability to achieve global security.

D) Although NATO was initially formed with the goal of European security, eventually the United States and European countries like Germany, Britain and France took it out of the way and turned it into a tool for their ambitions, which led to the war in Afghanistan and Libya and NATO confrontation with China.
Given this, it can be said that the United States and Europe, by using NATO as a tool against Iran, seek to re-use NATO for their own purposes, imposing extravagances on Iran in the Vienna talks and justifying to maintain the anti-Iranian sanctions.

In essence, NATO's stance against Iran is a departure from NATO's constitution and the nature of its existence, which stems from the collapse of its independence under the domination of the United States and the European troika, which has sounded the alarm about the collapse of NATO.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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