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Publish Date : 2021/05/09 03:10
Zionists pursue own goals under Jewish disguise

Zionists pursue own goals under Jewish disguise

“Zionists have been exploiting Judaism to achieve their own goals,” Hamami Lalehzar said in an interview, adding that the Zionists’ action has been opposed by religious Jews since the very formation of global Zionism.

NOURNEWS - Zionists have used Judaism to pursue their own objectives, religious leader of Iranian Jews Rabbi Younes Hamami Lalehzar said adding that religious Jews have opposed the move since the onset.

“Zionists have been exploiting Judaism to achieve their own goals,” Hamami Lalehzar said in an interview, adding that the Zionists’ action has been opposed by religious Jews since the very formation of global Zionism.

“The Zionists have used Judaism, which is a monotheistic religion, as a pretext to justify within their own political framework any strategy to achieve their goal. This behavior was not accepted at all by the Jews of the world, and from the very beginning of the Zionist regime until today, there has been a lot of opposition to the Zionists’ approach and it still continues,” he added.

Rabbi Younes Hamami Lalehzar

“For this reason, the brutal behaviors and crimes of the Zionist regime were not and are not accepted by the religious Jews at all,” Lalehzar stressed.

“Naming a day as the Quds Day caused the issue of Palestine not to be cast into oblivion. Imam Khomeini’s move is in fact a kind of initiative that reminds the world of the issue of Palestine every year so as to think about a solution,” he noted.

“As we are witnessing, the grandeur of the Quds Day has increased every year. Today, on this occasion, a large number of people from different nations express their disgust at the Zionist regime,” the Rabbi went on to say.

He said Zionism was formed in the late 19th century amid the formation of nationalist movements in Europe, but it abused Jewish ideals for its own benefits, sparking opposition from the Orthodox and religious Jewish community.

He further said that confronting Zionists is a religious and human duty that should be honored today just as Prophet Moses stood up against the Pharaoh’s oppression and succeeded in saving the Israelites by the grace of God.

"There are various strategies to put pressure on the Zionist regime, including political, economic, etc. An example in the economic field is boycotting the consumption of goods produced by the Zionist regime,” the Rabbi concluded.

The International Quds Day is an annual event opposing Israel's occupation of Beitul-Muqaddas. Anti-Zionist rallies and demonstrations are held on the last Friday of Ramadan in Muslim and Arab countries around the world, specially in Iran, as well as a large number of non-Muslim states. But this year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, ralliers have been encouraged to send messages online.

The International Quds Day was started by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, in 1979 as a way of expressing solidarity with the Palestinians and underscoring importance of the holy Quds to Muslims.

In relevant remarks on Friday, Representative of the Iranian Jewish community at the parliament Siamak Mareh Sedq said all monotheists should follow their spiritual father Ayatollah Khamenei to withstand the Zionist regime of Israel, adding that the International Quds Day does not belong merely to the Palestinian people, but it belongs to all the oppressed in the world.

“All monotheists, following their spiritual father Ayatollah Khamenei, should stand against Arrogance and Zionism and should not be tired of steadfastness,” Mareh Sedq said on Friday, stressing that Quds Day belongs to all oppressed and downtrodden in the world.

“All the oppressed in the world will announce their hatred toward the Global Arrogance and the Zionist regime as the representative of Arrogance in the region,” he noted.

The Jewish lawmaker went on to say that Israel, as the representative of the US in the region, tries to impose the US’ demands on the innocent people of the region.

“Although this year, due to the coronavirus epidemic, no demonstration will be held, the Resistance Front and the free-spirited people in the world should keep Quds Day alive on the cyberspace and media, and not let it lose its significance in memories,” he stated.

“All the oppressed should take the Iranian nation as their role model for steadfastness in the face of the Arrogance,” Mareh Sedq said.

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