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Publish Date : 2021/05/07 03:55
Destruction; The inevitable end of the fake Israeli regime

Destruction; The inevitable end of the fake Israeli regime

The super-critical situation of the Zionist regime is important because the most important reason for the migration of deceived Jews from all over the world to the Occupied Palestinian Territory was the desire to live in a safe and stable environment, but the occurrence of these events confirms the imaginary nature of those dreams. The escalation of the reverse migration rate has accelerated the process of destroying this regime.

NOURNEWS - The usurping Zionist regime is going through hard times and in addition to facing a wave of round-the-clock demonstrations of its citizens in different parts of the occupied territories due to widespread government corruption and inefficiency, discrimination and livelihood problems, it has faced a wave of security incidents, which have called their inviolability into question.
In the past two weeks, there have been several rocket attacks, fires and explosions in various places, including the Tomer missile factory, somewhere near the Dimona nuclear facility, the Haifa refinery, Ben Gurion Airport, etc., and in recent days, completed with a wave of cyber attacks.
Although the Netanyahu government has tried to make all these issues a "normal incident" in order to control public opinion and maintain its image, many experts believe that these incidents are the result of the terrorist and vicious acts of this regime in the region.
Recent cyberattacks led by a new group called Net Worms have targeted several companies, including the logistics company Veritas and Match Retail, according to the Zionist website GNOS, and lots of their information has been stolen.
Following this series of incidents, the fire on Sunday evening at the Hebrew-language University of Jerusalem in occupied Jerusalem, with the help of the distortion of the Jerusalem Post, was described as a normal incident that occurred on campus and next to educational buildings and did not cause any damage.
In addition to these incidents, the internal situation of the Zionist regime is not good now, and the prevailing political stalemate is increasing the situation day by day. Of course, as former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked puts it in a leaked audio file, it is almost universally acknowledged that the corruption, inefficiency and temperament of the dictatorship of Netanyahu and his wife are the cause of unrest in the occupied territories.
"Netanyahu wants to stay in power," she said in the file, adding: "He and his wife have a lust for power and authority. They are like dictators and oppressors."
The combination of these conditions shows that the Zionist regime is facing a historical crisis that, as mentioned by Zionist university professor and analyst Avner Ben-Zaken, has brought them closer to civil war.
The Zionists, of course, are gradually losing the false image of themselves presented to Western public opinion due to the continuation of brutal and inhumane behavior. The issue has even spread to some human rights groups and institutions, to the point that the Swiss-based Eur Monitor has taken a stand against the regime, calling it an apartheid regime.
This super-critical situation is important because the most important reason for the migration of deceived Jews from all over the world to the Occupied Palestinian Territories was the empty promises of the Zionists to provide a safe and stable environment for life, but the occurrence of these events is imaginary. It has confirmed its promises and accelerated the destruction of the regime by intensifying the reverse migration rate.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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