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Publish Date : 2021/04/18 14:34
Disclosure of new details about Ukraine's intention to politicize the plane crash case

Disclosure of new details about Ukraine's intention to politicize the plane crash case

Ukraine has sought to derail the plane crash and use it politically to put pressure on Russia.

NOURNEWS - An informed official close to the Supreme National Security Council told Nournews:

After the crash of a Ukrainian plane in Iran, the country's officials suggested to Iran that the cause of the accident was a technical problem in the Russian M-1 Tor air defense system, and this should be declared as the cause of plane crash, and because Iran did not accept this request due to non-compliance with the reality of the incident, Ukraine has taken the path of politicizing the case and taking it out of the technical procedure.
Referring to Ukraine's intention to politically exploit this tragic incident to affect two events simultaneously, he added: "Given the unresolved ambiguities regarding the role of Kiev in targeting the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in 2014 where all 298 passengers on the flight were killed, in the midst of conflict In the east of the country, Ukraine sought to link the two incidents to a single source and to clear the charge, citing a flaw in the Russian M-1 Tor air defense system.
The second reason for Ukraine to take a political stance on the case is its fierce conflict with Moscow over ownership of the Crimean island, and Kiev intended to indirectly attribute the crash to the Russians as a form of political pressure on Moscow.
In the end, he referred to the firm will of the Islamic Republic of Iran to create transparency in all aspects of this tragic incident, which was caused by a human error, and called any attempt to exploit it politically inhumane and contrary to legal and technical procedures.


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