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Publish Date : 2021/04/16 23:09
Upgrade the level of conflict to gain points in a process that is no longer called "negotiation"!

Upgrade the level of conflict to gain points in a process that is no longer called "negotiation"!

Westerners look at negotiation not as a tool to an agreement but as a weapon to strike at Iran, and for them, the function of negotiation is exactly like imposing maximum sanctions to cripple the Islamic Republic's resistance and put Iran at the corner of the struggle.

NOURNEWS - On Sunday, April 13th, after the disruption of the electricity network of the Natanz Enrichment Complex, which caused the closure of part of one of the halls of this complex, the Zionist and Western media attributed this action to the Zionist regime.
The Israeli prime minister has repeatedly stated that the regime will use all means to strike at Iran's nuclear capabilities, which he says will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
Yesterday, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan echoed Netanyahu's remarks in a virtual meeting with his Israeli counterpart, saying, "I assure you that Iran will never have a nuclear bomb."
It is very clear that the actions of the Zionist regime, Europe and the United States towards Iran cannot be separated because the practical behavior of the sides of this triangle over the past 40 years clearly shows that they are in their positions towards Iran in a completely similar opinion, especially at the strategic level.
The occurrence of three incidents, including an attack on an Iranian merchant ship in the Red Sea, a terrorist sabotage at the Natanz enrichment complex, and a boycott of Iran's senior military commanders and political officials by the European Union amid negotiations that should naturally be "alternatives to conflict." Europe and the Zionist regime's strategic alignment with the United States is against Iran and has raised many questions about why this behavior took place at this time.
The hypocritical behavior of the Europeans in the period after Trump's departure from JCPOA and the reconstruction of this behavior after Biden came to power, along with the recent actions of the European Troika in drafting an anti-Iran resolution in the IAEA Board of Governors and imposing sanctions on Iranian military and political officials. Europe does not leave malice towards Iran.
After Trump's withdrawal from JCPOA and the imposition of criminal sanctions on Iran, the Europeans did their utmost to make the Islamic Republic passive in response to these hostile actions. In this direction, and after the adoption of the strategy of active resistance by Iran to make up for its lost rights, Europe used a set of tools at its disposal to stop the Islamic Republic by increasing all-round pressure.
After Biden came to power, Europe became a factor in preventing the process of reviving JCPOA by raising post-conflict issues.
Now, in the middle of the negotiation process, while imposing human rights sanctions on the officials of the Islamic Republic, they have remained silent against, in the words of our Foreign Minister, the "Zionist war crime."
This behavior of the Europeans shows that they are in full coordination with the Zionists, who are trying to passivize Iran and empty our hands in this process by hitting the Natanz nuclear facility in the middle of the negotiations.
The measures taken to coordinate and define the role between the United States, Europe and the Zionist regime are in clear contradiction to Joe Baiden's "return to diplomacy" policy and show that he equates Trump's policy of "maximum pressure" with his policy of "maximum deception". Has replaced and is running the old "sabotage operation" show in parallel with the "negotiation request".
The combination of these measures reinforces the mentality that Westerners see negotiation not as a means of compromise but as a weapon to strike Iran, and that the function of negotiation for them is exactly like imposing maximum sanctions to cripple the Islamic Republic and put our country on the sidelines.
But in the face of the approach and intention of the United States and Europe, the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran is quite decisive and strong, and such behaviors will not lead to its decline.
Iran has given the United States a very limited opportunity to make up for its past by lifting all permanent and non-permanent sanctions against Iran under any label in different periods.
Iran also stops the process of reducing its obligations and returns to the previous situation only after verifying the lifting of sanctions in a timely manner.
Iran's recent move to start the 60 percent enrichment process that followed the Natanz incident, and the measures to be unveiled soon, should have made the United States and Europe aware of Tehran's response to any deception and pressure, that is taking decisive and progressive action.
In addition, the United States must be aware of the fact that if it does not act as soon as possible to pull the reins of the Zionist regime and prevent the continuation of its savagery, the decisive response of the Iranian people will be regretted by both of them.
The continuation of deception, pressure and negligence will have no effect other than Iran's further progress in the policy of "active nuclear resistance" and the strengthening of domestic capacities.
Negotiation, if it does not meet Iran's legal demands in a short period of time, cannot be considered as a means of compensating for the lost rights of the Iranian people, and naturally, there will be no justification for continuing it.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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