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Karabakh; From the mischief of the Zionists and Pro Turks to the lack of will of the parties to resolve the conflict
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Karabakh; From the mischief of the Zionists and Pro Turks to the lack of will of the parties to resolve the conflict

The rulers of the two countries are basically reluctant to resolve the conflict and benefit more from it, while other actors, especially the Western parties, are reluctant to re-emphasize Iran's role in the region, thus preventing Iranian mediation by exerting pressure.

NOURNEWS - Iran is the only country that not only does not side with either sides in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but also supports the establishment of peace and settlement of the conflict.
However, some Pro Turks movements tend to involve Iran as a party to the conflict, in recent days, they have also tried to provoke the ethnic feelings of some Iranians by publishing fake images and some other movements, and to exploit them for their own political goals and purposes.
On the other hand; Distorting public opinion about the real causes of the current conflict is another highlight of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, while the movements of the Zionist regime and Turkey over the past two or three months in the region are the main reason for the current conflict.
After the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan three months ago, which took place due to the mischief of the Zionists, Turkey entered the region with its military forces and did not withdraw its forces after conducting a joint exercise with the Azeri side. Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating that Turkey intends to establish a military base in the region.
Given that Turkey has both defended the Republic of Azerbaijan in the past and had historical problems with Armenia, this issue provoked the Armenians and raised concerns in Yerevan.
In addition, in recent days and weeks, Turkey has begun transferring terrorist groups from Idlib, Syria, to the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which has been provocative for both sides.
Now these same provocateurs are trying to project, and by attributing issues such as Iran's arms support to Armenia, they are trying to both provoke ethnic feelings in Iran and challenge the Iranian government, and to somehow hide the real reason for the current war. And cover it.
Pro-Turkists have existed in both Azerbaijan and Turkey over the years, and the ideology of the "National Movement Party" in Turkey is basically based on pan-Turkism. Inside Azerbaijan, there have been many currents in recent years that have constantly pumped the idea of ​​Pan-Turkism and the thought of Greater Azerbaijan, as well as the image of North and South Azerbaijan, into public opinion and have always tried to include even these issues in textbooks and various television networks. And constantly provoke public opinion, especially ethnic issues in Iran.
On the other hand; Due to the Minsk Group's inability to resolve the conflict, Iran seems to be the best option for resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, especially since Iran is the only country among all interested and influential actors that, for geographical, historical, cultural and civilizational reasons. The negative consequences of this conflict will affect it, and other countries, for various reasons, not only are reluctant to resolve the conflict, but also see their own interest in the continuation of the conflict.
But the reason why this situation has not been realized so far is that the rulers of the two countries themselves are basically reluctant to resolve the conflict and benefit from the existence of the conflict more than resolving it, and the second reason is that other actors, especially the parties The West is reluctant to re-emphasize Iran's role in the region, so they have always put pressure on and prevented this.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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