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Publish Date : 2020/08/31 10:53
Bad policies obviously make for bad outcomes
BY: Martin Love

Bad policies obviously make for bad outcomes

the race between Trump and Biden heats up and the polls now say either one could “win” or keep the White House, except that neither candidate seems willing to concede a loss and have lined up reams of lawyers to contest the outcome and create yet more disunity and chaos.

NOURNEWS / NORTH CAROLINA - You might know how big dogs are when they are hungry. They slobber and salivate and lick their chops and make more of a mess, which seems exactly what the Washington establishment is doing on both sides of the two- party aisle and at the Federal Reserve. And the race between Trump and Biden heats up and the polls now say either one could “win” or keep the White House, except that neither candidate seems willing to concede a loss and have lined up reams of lawyers to contest the outcome and create yet more disunity and chaos.

One easily recalls when George W. Bush was anointed the win by the Supreme Court at the start of this century even though it seemed pretty clear Al Gore won a small plurality of the vote and had he gotten the nod for having done so, one suspects the entire U.S. might have avoided probably the greatest foreign policy debacle in the country’s history – the Iraq War, and much bad policy since then all over the Middle East especially.

As an average American maybe it makes sense to express some ideas personally. For one who lives in a university town in North Carolina where classes were just canceled because of Covid 19 except for on-line consumption, and most all students have gone home and left the campus mostly vacant after a two weeks presence, it’s been a bizarre six months past. The U.S. is a big country and what’s most bizarre is that here and with everyone in some state of isolation, this town called Chapel Hill has been very quiet, even peaceful: no protests, no civil strife, no vandalism to speak of. But one only has to read of the civil strife elsewhere in the big cities like Chicago or Portland and many others where even, in one instance, a teenage male with an assault rifle killed two protesters and claimed self-defense. Here, it’s been sort of like living in the eye of a hurricane since last Spring as the country crumbles between the haves and the have nots, between people of color and Caucasians, between radical leftists and far right elements and more. What it is, perhaps, is a kind of karmic payback for the chaos and difficulties the U.S. has meted out against many other countries like Iran and others this century and it’s only set to get worse around the election in November. Millions of American lives have been upended. Economic security for millions of average people in the U.S. has been destroyed, too, and blame has been cast upon Covid 19 but in fact it’s not hard to suspect the real culprits are Washington’s “leaders” and the big banks who have persisted in following the same old policies both at home and abroad by simply amplifying them when they seem to fail.

Maybe I for one have been running with the wrong crowd and sharing similar ideas, but the observations I have heard and read by other “average” but relatively thoughtful Americans are in fact condemning further U.S. “imperialism”, bellicosity and sanctions against other countries and they applaud any moves Trump claims he intends to make to withdraw troops from places like Iraq or maybe Afghanistan, and any setbacks to U.S. soldiers like in northeast Syria. Thus, many seem to be beginning to realize that U.S. foreign moves have not been constructive or a good for anyone except the military industrial complex and the ruling oligarchy. Does one smell revolution in the air? Maybe.

What most surprises many here is the still extant resistance to changing policies in Washington and to literally a friendlier posture to alleged overseas adversaries. This is seen explicitly, for example, in the Democratic Party’s refusal to countenance ANY criticism of the Zionists and the Biden/Harris vow to give “Israel” billions more dollars in unconditional aid.

Washington, but for a few exceptional people in Congress, seems totally blind and just cannot see the longer-term risks inherent in the status quo around this primary cornerstone of American enslavement (to a bad idea) which by the week is indirectly isolating the U.S. further in world opinion, even among U.S western allies to some degree because it merely sets the stage for more, related upset. If Washington made just marginal demands to limit Zionist influence and its spawn, tensions throughout the Mideast would lessen and U.S. credibility would likely be enhanced enormously because it would result in positive changes across the board even while the clout of the Zionism-firsters would be reduced somewhat with no lasting harm to “Israel” as a going concern whatever the modification that would ensue.

And it’s worth mentioning that one Iranian voice, that of widely respected Dr. Mohammad Mirandi at Tehran University is correct when he recently wrote that the U.S. has already lost the war, by whatever means, against the Axis of Resistance and U.S. imperialism.

The sanctions on Iran (and other countries) have not achieved their objectives and meanwhile Iran has been lining up support from both Russia and China and others, too. The recent refusals of the UN Security Council to vote with the U.S. regarding Iran are telling, and it appears the only recourse left to harm Iran may be an outright military attack on Iran by the U.S. and its Persian Gulf allies and the Israelis. That in itself would be and even bigger debacle for the U.S. than the Iraq War, or the proxy terrorists’ war on Syria, for narrow U.S interests.

At bottom is the absolutely inevitable flowering of a more peaceful, multi-polar world where U.S hegemony has been abandoned BY the U.S. for the sake of the entire world. In a line, the U.S. would “lose” bigtime with further attacks again, and one must wonder that many in the Pentagon know this.

Hail Mary passes on the football gridiron rarely succeed and any military attack on Iran is definitely one that will not. At any rate, this observer has for several years often suggested that Iran’s leaders demonstrate caution and patience, and they have, and the payoff has already become evident. Some countries, enveloped in internal chaos now like the U.S. is, just never learn soon enough that bad policy makes for bad outcomes.


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