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Publish Date : 2020/05/25 14:21
Final destination of Iranian vessels in Venezuela:
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Final destination of Iranian vessels in Venezuela:

The first Iranian tanker from the 5 fleet sent to Venezuela arrived at the port of "El Palito" and will unload its cargo in next hours.

NOURNEWS - The Fortune and Forrest tankers are the first and second vessels of Iran's shipping fleet to Venezuela to enter the country's exclusive economic waters, escorting by military warships to ports where their cargo is being unloaded.

According to received reports, the first Iranian oil tanker, Fortune, arrived at the port of “El Palito” and will unload its cargo in next hours. The second Iranian oil tanker, Forrest, which entered the escort area this morning at Iranian time, is currently moving towards the “Punta Cardin” port. Iranian tanker, Foxon, the third vessel carrying oil products to Venezuela, will be escorted on Wednesday, May 27, at around 1400 local time. The other two oil tankers, Petonia and Klaul, flying the Iranian flag, are crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea and will continue on to the ports of Venezuela as scheduled.

A few hours ago, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked Iran for its support and stressed that both Caracas and Tehran want peace and have the right to trade freely. He called Iranian and Venezuelan nations "revolutionary people" who "will never knee before the North American empire."

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The final scenes of the mission impossible on the Caribbean coast

Despite extensive US efforts to challenge the Venezuelan fuel transfer operation, the heroic personnel of five Iranian oil tankers are in the final stages of the seemingly impossible mission in the US backyard.


Latest Condition of Iranian Oil Tanker "Forrest" on the Coast of Venezuela

The second Iranian oil tanker to be sent to Venezuela "Forrest" will arrive tonight at its cargo unloading site off the coast of Venezuela.


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