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Publish Date : 2020/05/25 02:21
Iranian vessels enter Venezuelan coastal waters one after another:
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Iranian vessels enter Venezuelan coastal waters one after another:

While a US official announced about a week ago that Iran and Venezuela are on the US economic sanctions list, and US will react to the fuel transition between Iran and Venezuela, Iranian vessels enter Venezuelan coastal waters one after another.

NOURNEWS - Another Iranian tanker "Forrest , will enter the escort area in the coastal waters of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea from the Iranian fleet sent to Venezuela until next  hours.

The Forrest tanker will be escorted to another Venezuelan port by warships, heading to Venezuela's economic monopoly area.

The first Iranian oil tanker, the Fortune, which is escorted by Venezuelan warships to one of the country's ports, reaches at the designated port and unloads its cargo less than 6 hours.

Iran's third tanker, the Foxon, will be escorted on Wednesday, May 27, at about 2:00 p.m. local time (30/22 Tehran time).

Yesterday, at the same time as Iran's first oil tanker entered the exclusive economic waters of Venezuela, the hashtag #GraciasIran became the first Twitter trend in Venezuela.

About a week ago, a US official announced that the country would take action to send shipments of petroleum products from Iran to Venezuela. The Islamic Republic of Iran has also officially stated that it will retaliate against any US action or harassment of Iranian tankers. Reports indicate that US warships and military aircraft were pursuing Iranian oil tankers in the Caribbean region, but did not interfere with their movement to Venezuela.

The entry of Iranian tankers into Venezuelan coastal waters and the escort of these vessels by Venezuelan warships, given the US threats over the past ten days and the attempt to prevent this action, has been widely reported in the world media.

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The final scenes of the mission impossible on the Caribbean coast

Despite extensive US efforts to challenge the Venezuelan fuel transfer operation, the heroic personnel of five Iranian oil tankers are in the final stages of the seemingly impossible mission in the US backyard.


Latest Condition of Iranian Oil Tanker "Forrest" on the Coast of Venezuela

The second Iranian oil tanker to be sent to Venezuela "Forrest" will arrive tonight at its cargo unloading site off the coast of Venezuela.


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