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Palestinian Cause Will Never be Marginalized / Resistance is Still Alive in the Hearts and Minds of

Palestinian Cause Will Never be Marginalized / Resistance is Still Alive in the Hearts and Minds of

The former Iranian ambassador to China stated that the Palestinian cause will never be marginalized, and confronting the Zionist regime is alive in the hearts and minds of the people of the region.

NOURNEWS- Javad Mansouri, the former Iranian ambassador to China, spoke about the impact of Al-Quds Day on international developments and Palestine-related issues: The announcement of international Al-Quds Day in 1979 by Imam Khomeini had far-reaching implications for the situation in Palestine, both regionally and internationally.

"Although it was initially thought that the announcement of al-Quds Day would be limited to one rally, or only inside Iran. But surprisingly that did not happen, and gradually the Palestinian issue became international." He added.

Former iranian ambassador to Pakistan expressed that this action prevented the Palestinian issue to be forgotten. In addition, the impact of al-Quds Day on the region and the people should be mentioned, this movement drew the attention of the people to the issue of defending the rights of Palestinians and opposing the Zionist regime, all of this happened while the arrogant aristocracy had absolutely no clue about it.

Mansoori added that this issue affected the equations of the region, and it was thought that after three generations, no one would pursue the Palestinian cause, and this would gradually be forgotten. On the contrary, we see that the issue of Palestine, the liberation of Jerusalem, and the resistance & confrontation with the Zionist regime is still alive in the hearts and minds of the people of the region.

He stated that with the continuation of the Quds Day rally, which is not only not limited to Iran, but all over the world, we see that people are expressing support to the Palestinian cause on this day.The Palestinian cause remains a major international issue, and the fighting spirit is alive and well among the its people.

The first commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps added: The fierce struggle of the new generation of Palestinians against the Zionists shows that, contrary to the arrogant views, the issue of Palestine has not been marginalized,and  al-Quds Day rally continue to show the struggle for the liberation of Palestine, making it an exemplar for other nations.

Mansouri clarified that proponents of the Israeli regime have gradually been forced to acknowledge the Zionist regime's aggression, reduce their support, criticize the continuation of hostility, and consider Israel a lawbreaker, that is why the Zionist regime accuses European countries of Anti-Semitism.

In response to a question about whether the non-holding of al-Quds Day rally due to the coronavirus outbreak would marginalize the Palestinian cause, he answered: "the Palestinian cause will never be marginalized, and history bears witness to this. Perhaps this year there will be no glorious presence in al-Quds Day rally; But with other measures, the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds Day will be kept alive.



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