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Publish Date : 2020/05/18 16:38
Ships carrying fuel shipments going out to Venezuela / We hope Americans don't do stupid things
Foreign Ministry spokesman:

Ships carrying fuel shipments going out to Venezuela / We hope Americans don't do stupid things

Foreign Ministry spokesman answered reporters' questions at a weekly news conference.

NOURNEWS- Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi appeared before reporters on Monday and answered their questions.

At the beginning of the press conference, referring to the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, he said: "We are celebrating Quds Day." As long as there is occupation, aggression and cruelty, Quds Day will be celebrated and Iran will be moderate in this matter. The Supreme Leader will deliver a live speech to millions of audiences around the world.

AWelcoming the political understanding in Iraq and Afghanistan

Mousavi added: "I welcome the incident that took place in Iraq and Afghanistan and I am pleased that they reached a political understanding after the conflict." Iraq, our neighbor, is of particular importance, and the need for a strong and inclusive government was felt in that country. In Afghanistan, too, an understanding was reached after a long struggle, and Iran was the first country to welcome the agreement. We hope to see inter-Afghan talks between all the groups.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about the prisoners who are in prisons in other countries: less than 3,000 Iranians abroad are in prisons for various crimes. The main crimes, in their own words, are non-compliance with the rules for the transfer of goods and drugs. We saw that a number of imprisoned Iranians were pardoned and returned to the country. We hope that one day we will see that no Iranians are imprisoned abroad.

He said: "People with the illusion of a better life and the ideals they have in mind are leaving the country for a utopia." In the camps that are there, the living conditions are difficult, and in the camps where, for example, 4 or 5 thousand people have to live, about 20 thousand people live. There are problems and crimes. Some do this knowingly.

Mousavi added that Greek officials denied the allegations made at a camp in the country, and that police did not confirm that such a move had taken place. However, our embassy in Athens is regularly followed by Greek officials. These people can return because they have left of their own free will. It all depends on their desire.

Trump's America seeks global anarchism

A spokesman for the State Department, following the US move to harass Iranian fuel tankers, stressed that free trade between independent countries is legitimate and that what is illegal is the theft and piracy that the United States is at the forefront of. Trump's America is disrupting the world order, ignoring the norms and seeking global anarchism. What the Americans have said about our ships will definitely provoke our reaction. The free and independent world certainly does not accept this. We conveyed the necessary advice to the Americans through the Swiss Embassy and our Representation in New York, and a strong warning from Iran in the Secretary of State's letter to the UN Secretary-General has been issued. We hope that the Americans do not do such an illegal thing.

Mousavi also said that fuel shipments to Venezuela are shipped to Venezuela. These ships officially and legally carry out legal trade, and there are no legal obstacles to this legitimate trade. If Americans don't like the trade, there's no reason to do it. We hope the Americans do not do something stupid.

A delegation from Iran is going to Afghanistan

Regarding the recent border incident for Afghan nationals, Mousavi said: "What was said about that night is not true and the relevant security agencies do not confirm it." The weather conditions (for traffic) were also unfavorable. We have denied that such an incident took place on Iranian soil. The solution to such issues is not to bring it to the media. The Afghan side did not report any such incident and the Iranian side demanded a meeting and follow-up. Such a process must be planned and set in the future. A delegation from Iran is likely to travel to Afghanistan in the future, focusing on this issue.

He added: "Afghanistan is very important, for various reasons. Because of the links that exist as well as security issues. We closely followed the developments in Afghanistan after the elections. It is important for us that the country is stable in our neighborhood. There were a lot of calls and media, and there were some traffic. Iran's role in the agreement has been effective. Unlike the countries that seek to pollute the water, we are looking for stability and peace in Afghanistan. We hope this will be a prelude to inter-Afghan talks and peace in Afghanistan. Iran will certainly pursue such an issue.

We have a history of breaking with the United States

Regarding Senator Feinstein's plan, Mousavi stressed: "We have a bad record of the United States in breaking the treaty and not adhering to it." I don't think Iran wants to communicate with the Americans at the state level.

The spokesman also said about the situation of Sirus Asadi, an Iranian scientist, in the conditions of Corona: "We are our embassy and in various ways we are looking for him and various Iranian prisoners in the world." His case is going through its own stages. His lawyers are pursuing and we are pursuing all legal and diplomatic means to prove his innocence, and we hope that they will return to Iran as soon as possible.

Iran's presence has nothing to do with the United States or Israel

He also emphasized on Iran's continued presence in Syria: "Our presence in Syria has nothing to do with the United States and the Zionist regime." We will help the Syrian government as long as it wants.

We don't count on Europe much

"We are not bothered by their thinking," the State Department spokesman said, referring to Europe's inaction against the United States. For almost two years now, Europeans have been thinking about countering US unilateralism. We are still critical of the inaction of the Europeans, and we cannot count on Europe too much, and we are doing our job and interacting with them. We hope they defend their reputation. Europeans are now under pressure from a bullying regime to extend arms embargoes. If the Americans are stupid, we have anticipated the necessary reactions, and we will announce and do it. We hope they don't.

Regarding the situation in Syria, he said: "Iran is a member of the countries guaranteeing a ceasefire in Syria." In addition to the threshold process, there are other processes and we do not deny them, and we still consider the threshold process to be the most effective process in solving problems.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pursuing the plan to establish a virtual embassy in Palestine

Regarding the plan of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to establish a virtual embassy in Palestine, Mousavi stressed: "Our colleagues were present in the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Assembly and we are waiting to see what will happen to this plan." The State Department will definitely follow the rules. The initiative will also be pursued by the State Department.

The arms of Iran are always open

Regarding Mustafa al-Kazemi's mediation between Tehran and Riyadh, he said: "Apparently, they wanted the atmosphere to be a little better." Iran has previously stated that it wants to talk to Saudi Arabia, both mediated and non-mediated. Whether this news is true or not, Iran's embrace is open.

Asked about the recent incident on the Afghan-Iranian border, the foreign ministry spokesman said: "What happened was both painful and unclear." As soon as the issue was raised, we had contacts with relevant issues and tried to inquire from various institutions and sources inside Iran and Afghanistan. We commented when the matter became clear to us. Iran-Afghanistan relations have enemies, and some are seeking to disrupt relations, and it is natural that they will spray and poison. After the enlightenment, we saw that their hands were empty.

There is no good in the United States

Regarding the change in the approach of some countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Mousavi said: "It is still early." But we hope that the change of approach will take place and that it will happen, and that the countries in the region will not have a better friendship than Iran in the region. Certainly no good for countries other than the United States, except milking those countries and selling junk and weapons.

Iran-Syria relations are strategic

"Our relations with Syria are close and even strategic," he said in response to a Tasnim reporter's question about news from US and Israeli media sources about the Iran-Russia agreement on the fate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. We and any other country are not in a position to decide for the Syrian people. It is the Syrian people who decide the future of their government. We reject this news. As a good analyst, you know that there is a purpose behind this news.

Regarding Iran's financial resources in South Korea, Mousavi said: "The money of the Iranian people is in South Korea, and such excuses as sanctions and so on are not acceptable."

"Our economic relations with our neighbors continue," he concluded. Corona restrictions are everywhere. The solution is to increase global trade and trade with neighbors. We hope that countries like the United States will stop obstructing free trade.


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