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Trump: Our presence in Syria is to protect oil!

Trump: Our presence in Syria is to protect oil!

Despite reiterating his false claim that he wanted to reduce his military presence in the Middle East, the US president claimed that the continued deployment of US troops in Syria was solely to protect US oil.

NOURNES- US President Donald Trump, who is currently trying to advance the 2020 election campaign, is maneuvering on an old slogan to bring American troops home, answering the question of why he withdrew his troops from the Sinai Desert: We have evacuated a large number of our troops from different areas.

"You know, we've been protecting the Syrian-Turkish border for years, and we've had thousands of troops there," he said. But I said, "Wait a minute. Let me ask you a question: Turkey and Syria are two big countries and they know how to protect their borders. They have been at war with each other for years. Why do we have to have thousands of troops there? Finally, we reduced the number of our troops to 57 and then 27, and when the tension between the two countries increased, we also removed those 27 (from the Turkish-Syrian border).

Trump went on to say: "We have basically left Syria unless we want to protect oil." We protected oil (Syria).

Trump's claim that US troops are withdrawing from the Turkish-Syrian border is intended to keep them from engaging in conflict in other countries, even as US politicians see Washington turning its back on Syrian Kurds and giving the green light. Ankara was considered for military operations against them.

On the other hand, the President of the United States of America speaks of the unwillingness to participate in the conflicts in the Middle East, which yesterday vetoed the congressional resolution to reduce the powers of the war against Iran!

But aside from Trump's blatant contradictions, he is the first US president to unequivocally acknowledge the presence of a military presence in Syria that is "exploiting the country's oil resources."

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