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Publish Date : 11/15/2023 12:58:07 PM
The Answer to an important question; Who is the winner of the Gaza war?


The Answer to an important question; Who is the winner of the Gaza war?

In today's world, where more than any other factor “civil power” determines the political, social, economic, and security trends in the world, the rare and continuous public demonstrations in the countries whose governments are the main supporters of Israel, show the hidden realities in the different societies and the depth of the gap between public opinion and the rulers' practice.

NOURNEWS - The battle between right and wrong in the holy land of Palestine has lasted for nearly 40 days in its last encounter, and in the meantime, the main question of the world's public opinion is that, which front will be the winner of this unequal war?

Logically, this question can be answered from two perspectives: “field aspect” and “strategic aspect”, examining each of the mentioned two aspects and its outcome can provide a more accurate estimate of the winner of this battle.

From a field point of view; Although the Zionist regime thought that it had the ability to restore its lost dignity after the “Al-Aqsa storm” it killed more than eleven thousand people, more than half of whom were women and children, during this period with its blind and brutal bombings, however, the assessment of the field conditions and the acknowledgment of military and security experts show that the Zionist regime has not yet been able to inflict a deterrent or even limiting blow on the main strength and capacity of the resistance.

In the meantime, the wave of reverse migration has intensified in the occupied territories, and due to the escalating internal problems and crises, Israeli citizens are constantly expressing their protest against the belligerence and the inability of the Netanyahu government to ensure their security with large gatherings and demonstrations.

In addition to these political differences in the ruling body of the Zionist regime, the army and the security apparatuses are increasing day by day and the stability and structural stability of this regime has faced unprecedented challenges.

On the other hand, while fully supporting the resistance groups, the people of Gaza as well as the West Bank with an unwavering spirit, have become the driving force of the fight against the Zionist regime, and not only the cohesion between the components of the Palestinian resistance has increased in an unprecedented way, but also the all-round support of the resistance groups in Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen have strengthened this front on unprecedented levels.

But from a strategic point of view; The examples of the inevitable failure of the Zionists and the troubled government of Netanyahu are more visible than ever, not only have years of trying to turn the truth upside down and whitewash oppression and aggression have failed with the awakening of the world's public opinion to their evil and criminal nature, and the issue of Palestine has once again become a main subject of the world, but with the invalidation of the myth of Israel's invincibility in terms of intelligence, military and security, the Zionist regime’s invincibility has been shattered and the existence of the regime has been questioned.

In the meantime, the unprecedented and continuous public demonstrations in countries whose governments are the main supporters of Israel show the depth of the gap between public opinion and the actions of the rulers.

In today's world, where more than any other factor “civil power” determines the political, social, economic, and security trends in the world, such an event should be considered an irreparable strategic failure for the Zionist regime.

With these explanations; It is obvious to everyone that the propaganda of Netanyahu's war government regarding the domination of Gaza and the statement of issues in justifying the attack on medical centers, the latest example of which is being carried out in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, is more like a psychological operation caused by incompetence in the field than reality. Especially after 40 days have passed, it is still in a situation where despite heavy human casualties and heavy damage to military equipment, it has not been able to enter Gaza more than a few kilometers, which includes most of the agricultural lands of this strip.

The point is that the developments of the past 40 days, both in the field and from a strategic point of view, made it clear that Israel's achievement of the declared strategic goal of destroying Hamas cannot be realized in any way.

The grounding of the regime army in the Gaza Strip, the destruction of dozens of tanks and armored vehicles, and the killing of hundreds of high-ranking soldiers and officers in the recent battles is a clear symbol of Israel's defeat in the field against an ideological current that even if all the facilities and equipment at its disposal are destroyed due of their support and scope, they cannot be destroyed.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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