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American citizens want to return to two centuries ago!

American citizens want to return to two centuries ago!

While, according to reliable polls, the new generation of Americans are more inclined to focus on this country’s internal matters, the operational policy of both the Democratic and Republican parties is exactly the opposite of this public demand.

NOURNEWS- A new survey conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University shows the gap between American citizens' perception of what is called the role of Washington's administration in global equations has increased sharply.

According to these surveys, 46% of American citizens want Washington to play a special role in international and global crises, while 47% of them are against this role and, on the contrary, support American centralism or focus on the internal matters of the US, which means the return of American society to a doctrine called as “Monroe Doctrine”.

This issue once manifested itself in the 2016 election, where many American citizens, without knowing about Trump's nature and his true intentions, were subjected to his slogan of centralization in the country and avoiding spending huge expenses in the field of foreign policy.

Debates about the role the United States should play around the world have existed long since the nation's founding, but now in 2023, the new generation of Americans are more inclined to focus inward and on the internal matters of the country. This is despite the fact that the operational policy of both the Democratic and Republican parties is exactly against this public demand.

Currently, the world is witnessing the formation of special literature and narration in the field of American foreign policy, and the sentence “Why do we send money to foreign countries?” has become a bold question in the virtual space inside America’s society and population.

34-year-old Dustin Gibbons, a home warranty manager from Queen Creek, Arizona, told USA Today: We can't overcome our own internal problems. We cannot even predict future crises which are damaging to the vulnerable citizens. In such a situation, why should we focus on other parts of the world?

In such a circumstance, the American president thinks about failed or doomed doctrines on which he based his strategies. Biden does not even know what special doctrine he should formulate or reconstruct in view of the current developments in the world!

The Monroe Doctrine was an American political doctrine that was announced by the then-American President James Monroe in December 1823. Based on his doctrine, the government of the US decided to refrain from intervening in wars between European powers and their colonies, and on the other hand, the occurrence of war in the continent of America was considered an act of hostility.

The Monroe Doctrine had a special place in American foreign policy for about a century until “Thomas Woodrow Wilson” acted against the said doctrine and brought America into the First World War.

Now, there is a more serious crisis facing the American rulers that cannot be hidden, and that is; Washington has basically lost the power to create a new or combined doctrine in the international system due to the high risk and the change of the fundamental power relations in the world (to the detriment of America) and therefore most Americans have found more favor and inclination towards the Monroe Doctrine which is focused on the internal situation of the US.

In such a situation, the innovative or combined doctrines of the likes of Trump and Biden will not only lead to America’s domination of different parts of the world, but will also be considered an accelerating factor in the international isolation of this country, and this is the truth that hidden and obvious lobbies of powers in America must face sooner or later.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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