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Publish Date : 5/31/2023 7:27:08 PM
The flight test of the "Simorgh" transport plane was completed successfully

The flight test of the "Simorgh" transport plane was completed successfully

The Simorgh transport plane, built by the Aviation Industry Organization of the Ministry of Defense of Iran, successfully passed its first flight test.

NOURNEWS - Brigadier General Amir Ashtiani, Minister of Defense and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, in the presence of General Bagheri, senior managers of the ministry of Defense, said: Simultaneously with the auspicious days of the Decade of Dignity and the auspicious birth of Imam Reza and in line with increasing the defense capabilities, the flight test of the transport plane Simorgh, made by experts of Aviation industry of the Ministry of Defense, was completed successfully.

This aircraft is a re-designed and developed aircraft of its generation, which is fully suited to the needs of the country's organizations and military units,  while designing this aircraft the country's weather conditions were taken into account and in accordance with international standards and regulations simorgh was designed, thanks to the efforts of the youth of this region in the Ministry of Defense and Knowledge-based companies, Simorgh was designed, produced and built, and finally was showcased in May of 2022 in the presence of the Minister of Defense and the Vice President of Science and Technology.

Simorgh's Light weight, the amount of cargo which it can carry, the radius of its flight operations, suitability to the country's climatic conditions, the ability to land and take off in short runways, the agility and speed of this aircraft in providing services such as air ambulance are among the features and applications of the "Simorgh" light transport aircraft.

The design and construction of this aircraft, in addition to its significant importance for exporting to foreign countries, lowering costs, direct and indirect employment, realization of a resistance economy in the Ministry of Defense, technological and industrial maturity and finally the integration of national capacities to produce a strategic and technological product, the entry of the country's aviation industry and It will accelerates the armed forces to the club of manufacturers of heavy and ultra-advanced aircraft.

The Minister of Defense while congratulating this national achievement in the presence of the Commander in Chief, the President and the staff of the Air Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense, said: the success of the Dana ship after 8 months of sailing, the unveiling of the Khorramshahr 4 strategic missile and the successful flight of the Simorgh transport plane is a sign of the basic step of the Ministry of Defense to fulfill the slogan of the year and provide full support to the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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