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Iran's claim to Helmand is an absolute right that cannot be compromised

Iran's claim to Helmand is an absolute right that cannot be compromised

Securing Iran's rights to the Helmand River is an unquestionable legal demand from Iran, and political statements, ransom by Western countries and counter-revolutionary media, etc. Will not create a disturbance in the country's determination in this regard.

NOURNEWS - These days, the issue of Iran's claim, especially the people of the dry and waterless areas of Sistan and Baluchistan from the Helmand River, has become an important demand in the field of our country's foreign affairs.

Of course, this demand has existed from the beginning and many efforts have been made in the field of secret and unofficial diplomacy to assert this undeniable right, but now the equation has entered a more obvious and serious and direct phase.

First; From a legal stand point, the Taliban has admitted that according to the agreement reached in year 1972, there is no doubt in the essence of the matter (the need to receive the rights to the Helmand River for Iran). Therefore, here we are talking about an "absolute right" whose originality is inviolable.

It is obvious that after establishing a "correct" and "obligation" between two countries or international actors, the stabilization and implementation of the bilateral relation should be the agenda. The issue is that, Iran's right to receive water from Helmand River is also correct and unavoidable.

Second; The Taliban claim that the Kamal Khan Dam is dry and short on water and that the channel for transferring water to Iran is dry, but it is obvious that the proof of this claim must be objective for Iran, and the mere claim of the Taliban officials regarding the lack of water in the Helmand River cannot be a document to prove this important issue.

Furthermore; The available evidence and documents, including satellite images, show that the claim of the Taliban authorities regarding the lack of water in the Kamal Khan Dam is not acceptable and their claim is false, especially that the dryness of the waterways leading to the Iranian border means the dryness of the water source in question, namely the Kamal Khan Dam and the Helmand River. It is not, therefore, the dryness of the waterway is irrelevant here, and what is the basis of the judgment is the presence of sufficient water at the source.

Third; A distinction should be made between "Water right's claim" and "Origin of this claim", because even if it is proved in the future that the Helmand River is depleted or that the Kamal Khan Dam does not have enough water to transfer to Iran, even if, on a very small assumption, the "Principle of rights to receive water" cannot be used. "Iran" refused and it is Iran's right to draw and implement alternative solutions in order to preserve its rights.

In this regard; One of the alternative solutions is the establishment of conduits and channels to accelerate the process of water transfer from Helmand to Baluchestan. Here, the neighboring country should not only create a disturbance in this process, but also should cooperate as much as possible against the initiatives taken by Iran regarding the transfer of Helmand water (as a task that is the responsibility of the Afghan side).

Fourth; In the case of "Iran's Claim" from Helmand River, the "Document" of the story is original and there is no metatext. In other words, political, regional, neighborly considerations, etc., none of them can force Iran to remain silent in front of its indisputable right to the Helmand River, especially when the issue of water security in the country and especially in Sistan and Baluchestan province is discussed.

Iran has never given up on its claim to the Helmand River and will not do so in the future, even though it has repeatedly preferred to resolve this issue through informal consultations.

Fifth; We are witnessing the purposeful plot of anti-revolutionary media and even some western media in response to Iran's claim to the Helmand River, which pursues goals such as creating discord between the two nations or inducing Tehran's appeasement regarding this issue.

Interestingly; The anti-revolutionary media used to induce Iran's apparent silence and hidden diplomacy towards the issue in the sense of passivity and indifference towards the people's rights, but now after the clear warning of the president of our country and the emphasis of the foreign minister to pursue this indisputable right until it is fully achieved. The same media criminate Iran of extravagance!

This is despite the fact that the pursuit of the rights of the Iranian nation is not subject to the anti-revolutionary and western media's propaganda, and by the way, the impatience of these media towards the demand of the Helmand River from our country shows that we are on the right path.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the provision of Iran's rights from the Helmand River is considered as a definite legal claim by the Islamic Republic of Iran, and political statements, ransom of the Western and counter-revolutionary media, and other measures aimed at overcoming the metatextual and environmental factors The demand and the inalienable right will be made, it will not be important for the diplomatic and legal system of our country.

In the meantime; It is better for the Taliban not to be affected by these atmospheres and to focus only on a commitment that will be required to be objectified and implemented sooner or later.

The Taliban should be certain that there will be no compromises in demanding and pursuing the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding this important issue, while Afghanistan's commitment in the water right case will definitely bring benefits for them, including strengthening relations with the neighboring country of Iran.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei



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