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Fajr festival and the shame that was left to the face boycotters

Fajr festival and the shame that was left to the face boycotters

This year, the Fajr Film Festival took its 41st step in a situation where some people, affected by the anti-revolutionary atmosphere, started fighting and called for a boycott. Now, in the middle of the journey, shame that was left to the face boycotters and the festival has so far been met with the luck of the artists and the warm attendance of the people in the movie theaters.

NOURNEWS - Fajr Film Festival is one of the most important and effective cultural events of the country, which in a way represents the identity of our country's filmmaking and has always provided a suitable platform for cultural and social vitality and interaction. for this reason; Under the pretext of the recent events in the country, the opposing currents of the Islamic Republic tried to create an obstacle in the way of holding these festivals and turn it into a platform to destroy the system. In this regard; Unfortunately, some celebrities who were known from this platform became the fire of this battle and played in the field of enemies of the nation. Despite all the fringes and atmosphere created against this popular event, the Fajr Film Festival took the 41st step well and now in the middle of the road, with the luck of the artists and the warm presence of the people in the cinema halls, it continues on its way until the faces of the boycotters are black. Even on paper, the sanctions scenario is something of a joke. The first official statistics of ticket sales of public cinemas of the festival show that in the first four days, more than 83 thousand people watched the films of this period in public cinemas. Leaving aside the statistics, the audience's reception of some films was so warm that, for example, on the second day, the film "Leather Coat" was pulled to a great stage at the Narcis Cinema Campus. Another difference that distinguishes this year's Fajr festival from the previous eras is the strong presence of the first films alongside the famous figures of Iranian cinema, which not only gave the festival a different flavor, but also from the audience to the media and the producers of the films, are curious to see it as soon as possible. witness the results of the jury. For example, the movie "Colonel Soraya", which may be "Lili Aaj's" first film as a director, is a lesser-known name in the cinema, but due to the good performance of "Jaleh Samati", everyone has the impression that this movie is in the category Simorgh will be one of the serious options for the best actress. The opening of the "40+1 Photo Exhibition" at the Mellat Cinema Campus Gallery and the screening of short and documentary works at the Festival House and Fajr 41 Media House have been side events of this festival so far, which have been well received. On the other hand; This year, like the previous years, the festival has had ups and downs. The removal of the red carpet, the comments of the producers of the films and the presence of the producers without the director in the press conference, etc., have been among the sidelines of this year's festival, which sometimes deserve criticism or appreciation. Also, yesterday, despite the cancellation of some films, the first screening of the films of the international section was also announced in Media Cinema and started working. Now and in the place where the so-called tailor has fallen in the jar, everyone is waiting for the end of this part to get to the interesting part of the festival, i.e. the announcement of the Simorgh Award nominees of the 41st Fajr Film Festival and get to know the winners sooner. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi
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