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Executions that reveal the gesture of Western human rights

Executions that reveal the gesture of Western human rights

While the Saudi government recently executed 81 citizens, the commercial approach of the West has brought relief to the heads of Riyadh, and the Saudis know that Western human rights protests can ultimately be bought with a handful of dollars!

NOURNEWS - In recent days, the media have presented reports about the numerous executions and repressions of the Saudi government, including the BBC report on the execution of 81 Saudi citizens on March 12, 2022. In this report, the relatives of the executed are quoted; The government has taken such an action without informing them or their families. Human rights group "Reprio" in cooperation with a European-Arabian organization, published a report on executions in Saudi Arabia from 2010 until now, which shows that since the beginning of the kingdom of "King Salman bin Abdulaziz" and Crown Prince "Mohammed bin Salman" until now, the death penalty In Saudi Arabia, it has almost doubled. Despite these facts and the numerous warnings of human rights organizations over the last decade regarding the increase in repression and the implementation of death sentences in Saudi Arabia, the Al-Saud government has not yet been held accountable for its illegal actions, and the presentation of these reports, especially by Western institutions, is more indicative of a business-like approach that It is done to get more points from the Saudis. On the other hand, we see that the West interferes in the affairs of other countries by claiming to protect human rights, the most recent example of which was the chaos and insecurity project in Iran. In this regard, among the most prominent illegal measures that were used against Iran under the pretext of human rights, was the removal of Iran from the UN Women's Committee and the inclusion of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the list of terrorist groups by the European Parliament. The point is; Considering the widespread crimes of Al-Saud, the West cannot pretend to be ignorant of this situation unless it has sold its human rights gesture in exchange for Saudi oil and invested dollars. This conclusion is well clear in Biden's words during his visit to Saudi Arabia and his brief complaint about Khashoggi's murder, in such a way that he notes that America needs relations with Riyadh to maintain its interests in the region. Of course, such a gesture is not unique to the United States, and London, considering that Saudi Arabia is the first destination for British arms exports, has repeatedly announced to sacrifice its long-term interests towards Riyadh in response to public protests against Saudi arming the Yemeni people and supporting terrorism. This does not matter! At the same time as the West's silence and support for Saudi Arabia, the Western media only deal with the issue when public opinion's hatred towards Saudi Arabia has intensified and they have no choice but to pay minimal attention to the issue in order to maintain appearances. Western media's approach to the smallest issues in Iran, however; It is completely biased and they publish hundreds of reports and interviews, and in many cases, they publish lies and untruths. It is obvious that the self-interested behavior of the West regarding what is happening in Saudi Arabia shows their false support for human rights, so the dual behavior of human rights institutions makes the necessity of changing the nature of these institutions even more obvious, because these countries not only have the authority to comment on human rights. They don't have humanity, but they deserve to be punished for the crime of violating it. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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