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The real position of the Persian-language mercenaries’ media in commanding the riots

The real position of the Persian-language mercenaries’ media in commanding the riots

The main playground in the fourth wave wars, which the Persian-language mercenaries’ media have taken command of during the disturbances in Iran, is the "mind" of the target society, and they try to use different tools and methods, including "spreading lies and distorting the facts", "creating the illusion of the majority", "induction of extensive foreign support", "deterioration of sovereignty" and..., to engineer their knowledge about the surrounding environment.

NOURNEWS - The recent protest events in Iran, which took place on the pretext of Mehsa Amini's death, both from the point of view of what the incident is and why it happened, still have a lot of discussion and investigations, which should be analyzed from political, social, cultural and security angles.

One of the important aspects that should be seriously addressed in this regard is the role and position of the Persian-language mercenaries’ media, which has a special role in turning civil protest into riots, as well as "commanding riots" in the sense of designing and directing street riots, and practically becoming a motor have become its driving force.

From a larger point of view and regardless of the socio-cultural roots of the occurrence of such protests, which can be seen in different countries, small and large examples of it, what has changed the nature of the protests and increased the share of violence in it, is the distorted and fake image that these media and Social networks related to terrorist and counter-revolutionary currents present the reality of the issue and create illusions among their audience.

Actually; If we consider the protests formed as a platform for these media to ride waves in the direction of forming a full-scale fourth wave war against the country, it will be easy to understand that "illusion generation" is one of the most important features of these media as the main pillar of fourth wave wars centered on "war It is cognitive.

To be more precise; The main playground in the fourth wave wars is the "mind" of the target society and with various tools such as "spreading lies and distorting the facts", "creating the illusion of the majority", "inducing extensive foreign support", "deterioration of sovereignty" and..., trying to influence their understanding of the surrounding environment.

In this type of war, naturally, the most important tool is the media and communication platforms, including social networks.

Contrary to the beautiful and deceptive showcase that they display about freedom of expression and free flow of information, these media, by adopting the method of "news tyranny" with all their might, try to "invert" and distort the understanding and knowledge of the audience based on They have set goals.

This special task is clearly evident in the behavior of the Persian-language mercenaries’ media and their supporting social networks in the recent events in Iran, as for example, the comparison of two outlets affiliated with a media company such as the BBC shows that the Persian BBC, in line with the mission defined for it, Iran It shows the explosion and nationwide strikes around the clock, while there is no trace of these media contents in BBC World.

In other words; BBC Persian and other similar networks are trying to convey to their audience that your protests are at the top of the world news and in this way to force them to continue working, while in the reality of the headlines and leads of foreign media, more important issues are Among the West's conflict with Russia is the serious discussion of the food and energy crisis or the possibility of nuclear war, etc., as the main concern of Western countries involved in all kinds of political, economic and social crises.

This is precisely the reason why the news of "liberation of Iran's blocked foreign exchange resources" in the struggle of Iran's internal developments is angered by these media, because by revealing an obvious contradiction, it causes a deep gap in the mind of the audience regarding the reality of the western media's creations regarding the position The Islamic Republic of Iran becomes real in the international system.

Another method that the media affiliated to the domination system have taken to provide the necessary fodder in the direction of inverting the facts related to the developments in Iran is to use a method based on creating a closed cycle of information.

In this way, by publishing completely oriented news, they provoke the feelings of some political, artistic, sports, etc. reference groups in Western countries, and on the other hand, by republishing the position of these people, which has no effect on the main direction of the countries of the world, to the internal space, they reflect the message that the world supports the rioters in Iran.

Based on this, what is certain is that; In the wide-ranging cognitive and hybrid war that has been formed against the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic system, the most important task of the Persian-language mercenaries’ media is to stimulate emotions and create illusions with the aim of changing people's mentality and understanding of the truth of the system.

This point is important because the think tanks of these media are fully aware of the powerful and established position of the Islamic Republic in the relations of the international system, as well as the inability or unwillingness of the West to change the system in Iran, but they have no opportunity to try their luck in They do not ignore the path of hitting the Iranian nation and disrupting the infrastructure of development and progress, i.e. "stable security" in Iran.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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