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The failure of the US ally-making project in the energy market

The failure of the US ally-making project in the energy market

Months ago, OPEC+ members agreed to cut their oil production by 2 percent, a deal that would cut 2 million barrels of oil a day from the global market, and it was worrying news for the European Union on the eve of Russia's gas-free winter.

NOURNEWS - Although the price of oil reached $120 per barrel three months ago in the midst of the war in Ukraine and had recently calmed down at $90, but with the decision to reduce production by OPEC+, the price of this vital substance has reached $100 per barrel again. approached, the price that will harm the Westerners will be politically and economically beneficial to Russia.

A reduction of 2 million barrels of oil per day compared to its consumption of 100 million may not be a significant number in the first place, but the agreement will herald new challenges as the West prepares for a cold Russian winter without gas.

Europe is now facing serious structural problems that even threaten the unity of the Union, with the rise of the extreme right in some countries such as Italy and Sweden, and any new political and economic pressure, however small, can contribute to the instability of the European Union.

Recently, strategists such as "Morgan Stanley" predicted that Russian oil production will decrease by 1 to 1.5 million barrels per day after the implementation of European Union sanctions, but now, taking into account the reduction figure of OPEC+, it should be doubled in the estimates. Keep in mind that it can naturally double the pressures caused by lack of energy.

In terms of political considerations, the decision to reduce OPEC+ is considered a failure for America in the project of "co-alignment" of this country.

Alexander Novak, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, who was recently sanctioned by the United States, because he was not subject to a similar sanction by the European Union, was able to play an effective role in the formation of an agreement at the OPEC+ meeting, the cooperation between OPEC and OPEC+. provide the end of 2023, the reason for which should be found in the inconsistency between America and Europe.

Amos Hochstein, America's top energy representative, traveled to Saudi Arabia last month to discuss energy issues, including the decision of OPEC+, and the recent decision of OPEC+, which greatly angered the Americans, showed that the United States failed in this very important debate to prevent its traditional ally, Riyadh, from being on Russia's front.

The importance of this event becomes more clear when we add to it the failure of Biden in his trip to Saudi Arabia in July, the main purpose of which was to manage the flow of energy production.

Senator "Chris Murphy", the Democratic representative of the US Congress, published a sarcastic text about this on his Twitter page and wrote: "I thought that the purpose of selling weapons to the countries of the Persian Gulf, despite the violation of human rights, the absurd war in Yemen, working against the interests of the United States in Libya, Sudan, etc., is that when there is an international crisis, the Arabs choose America instead of Russia and China!"

The recent OPEC+ agreement once again showed that the traditional alliances in the region have undergone fundamental changes for various reasons, and the Western world cannot advance its goals in the Ukraine war with the "alignment" project and with the slogan "us against Russia".

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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