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Tehran-Moscow cooperation; A model for neutralizing the economic war of the West

Tehran-Moscow cooperation; A model for neutralizing the economic war of the West

During the past few days, in a move that promises more hope in neutralizing sanctions and disrupting the process of instrumental use of economic sanctions by the West to achieve political goals, the national messaging systems of the central banks of Iran (SPAM) and Russia (SPFS) were connected to each other.

NOURNEWS - With the signing of the agreement to connect Iran's Sepam and Russia's SPFS systems, it became possible to connect messengers of Iranian banks with 106 banks in 13 other countries. One of the most important means of restricting commercial exchanges between countries, which has always been the main and decisive bottleneck in the field of economic sanctions, is monetary and financial exchanges. Many commercial exchanges in the world, which are carried out through integrated international systems, especially SWIFT, are based on currencies such as the dollar and the euro, which are controlled and monitored by the United States and Western countries. The existence of this restriction has made it easy for Western countries to comment on the use of the SWIFT system by the countries of the world and to prevent them from conducting business transactions based on Euro and Dollar currencies. Based on this, the most important step to overcome the sanctions barriers created by the western countries is to use alternative systems as well as to organize trade transactions based on national currencies. Due to the involvement of many countries in the difficult maze of sanctions, which is based on the unilateralist approach of the United States, the achievement of alternative monetary and financial mechanisms has been on the agenda of many independent countries for years. The coordinated action of Tehran and Moscow in this field, while it can accelerate bilateral commercial cooperation, also provides the basis for the development of cooperation with other countries. During the recent months, Iran and Russia have taken very important steps in other economic dimensions as well, which shows their capacities and will to realize the common goals of the two countries to establish new economic relations. Based on this, the importance of creating independent monetary and banking mechanisms, considering the trend governing the existing structures in the world, which is completely under the supervision and control of the domination system, is more than a technical measure in the field of banking cooperation, it is a strategic step on the way to defeating the policies It is cruel and illegal to sanction. At the same time, one of the most central aspects of the recent visit of "Igor Levitin", the special assistant of the Russian president to Iran, was rail transport and transit. According to the agreements, the implementation of the Rasht-Astara railway line as the missing link of the North-South corridor will be realized within 3 years. According to the announcement of the head of Iran's Economic and Technical Assistance and Investment Organization, Russia has been the biggest investor in Iran with 2.7 billion dollars. Based on the agreements made, the value of Russian investment in Iran's oil industry alone is supposed to increase 10 times. In addition, the agreement of the two countries to complete the Rasht-Astara railway with Moscow's investment due to the completion of the North-South strategic corridor will create deep commercial and economic changes at the level of the region and the international economy, which will require the beneficiaries of this project to be free from Economic, commercial and financial restrictions of the global ruling system. What can be seen in the totality of the relations and common views of the two countries is to reach the principle of the necessity of convergence between the neighbors and those present in the front of the new world order in order to deal with the exclusiveness of the West. There is a common view among the parties that the system of unilateral sanctions hinders the development process and causes the escalation of regional and global crises, and it is necessary to create joint and complementary institutions to deal with sanctions and activate international capacities against sanctioning countries. The importance of economic convergence becomes more apparent when American and European officials have repeatedly expressed concern about these relations in recent months. This concern is due to the fact that these cooperations, along with neutralizing the sanctions, can become a model for greater regional and global convergence. BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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