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Selective human rights; Western pressure lever against Iran

Selective human rights; Western pressure lever against Iran

In the political resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the riots and violent actions carried out by some subversive elements in Iran during the last two months were called peaceful and Iran was accused of committing sexual violence against the protesters without providing any documents!

NOURNEWS - The United Nations Human Rights Council based in Geneva last Thursday, November 24, 2022, with 25 votes in favor and 6 votes against, through a resolution for the first time, established a fact-finding commission in connection with the human rights situation in Iran and asked the Iranian government to cooperate in this regard.

As mentioned in Clause C Paragraph 7 of the Founding Resolution; The main mission of this committee is to investigate allegations of human rights violations in Iran, especially during recent developments, focusing on the rights of women and children, and gathering and analyzing evidence with the aim of using it in judicial processes.

In this resolution, even the riots and violence carried out by some subversive elements in the past two months in the country were called peaceful and Iran was accused of committing sexual violence against the protesters without providing any documents!

According to the constitution of the Human Rights Council, external human rights interventions can only be justified if national governments do not act, and considering the existence and activity of specialized mechanisms in this field, the approval of this resolution is a political and completely illegal action.

In the aforementioned resolution, there is no mention of the formation of an investigation committee in Iran, in order to justify the above-mentioned illegal action.

Actually; The inherent purpose of issuing such resolutions and forming a fact-finding committee about countries that do not themselves attempt to form a national committee is that if the findings of the committee lead to the confirmation of the systematic violation of human rights, it can become the basis for accusations of committing crimes against humanity and extensive tools. activate the legal war against that country.

But the point is that; Such action against Iran lacks legal justification not only due to the existence of the National Committee, but also due to the fact that it relies on false and undocumented statements made and published by the enemy media, which by the way have violated all professional and ethical boundaries of the media, its validity is a completely based on political action.

On the other hand; The philosophy of the formation of international legal institutions for the protection of human rights is to carry out purely legal and fair actions, away from political biases and based on single standards, while the behavior of the said institution and the countries with influence in it since its birth have been a different path.

The double standards regarding various issues which have practically led to the classification of the citizens of the world community based on nationality, ethnicity, language, religion and religion have practically degraded the legal dignity of the Human Rights Council like many other international institutions and turned it into a purely political tool in It has become the hand of tyrannical powers.

To put it better; Turning the issue of "human rights" into a lever for the pressure of oppressive countries against independent countries and free nations has practically rendered such institutions useless, and this is the reason why human rights crimes in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Africa, Syria, etc. It has been ignored by the Western-Zionist governments and instead fabricated cases have become their main issue to intensify the pressure on other countries.

In this regard; Since the beginning of the protests in Iran, the United States and the Western countries, on the one hand, have tried to disrupt the protests with direct and effective intervention, and on the other hand, with false propaganda, they have found new excuses for sanctions against our country, and by proposing them in institutions such as the Council Human rights force Iran to fall short of its rights under pressure.

This is despite the fact that for nearly two months, agents affiliated with these human rights claimants, with all kinds of networks and virtual media, have gone to the stage of teaching how to make explosives and incendiary materials and inciting ordinary people to use these dangerous tools as much as possible. Keep the atmosphere inflamed.

The United States and its allies, without referring to the statistics and figures of the progress and capabilities of Iranian women on the world stage, simply to advance their political goals, considering the beginning of Iran's four-year term in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, have accused Iran of "systematic" and "long-lasting" oppression against women and concluded that Tehran is not qualified to be a member of this institution!

Earlier, the Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations in New York had announced in response to the published news that the US was trying to hold an informal meeting of the Security Council of this organization regarding Iran's internal issues; "Regarding the hypocrisy, the use of double standards and the selective application of human rights, we consider America's claims to support Iranian women to be deceptive and lacking in good faith."

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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