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Western media's attempt to make Iran's intention to attack Saudi Arabia, believable

Western media's attempt to make Iran's intention to attack Saudi Arabia, believable

Although Saudi Arabia has tried not to take any negative stance towards Iran's internal events in the media space for the past fifty days, there is almost no doubt about the non-constructive and hostile role of this country in the recent disturbances in Iran.

NOURNEWS - On Tuesday, the American newspaper Wall Street Journal claimed with a news release; Riyadh has provided information to Washington that informs about the possibility of Iran attacking targets inside the territory of Saudi Arabia in the coming days. In this note it is claimed; The US Army and other forces in the West Asia region have increased the alert level and are ready for any eventuality in this regard. Although this report has not yet received a response from the Riyadh authorities, Ned Price, the spokesperson of the US State Department, said in his press conference on Tuesday evening, in response to the question whether American citizens were informed about this threat in Saudi Arabia. : "I am not aware of any consular warnings." An important question that is raised in this regard is that; What could be the reason for the publication of such news by an American media with a history of publishing unreliable news in this period of time? The publication of Iran's intention to attack targets in Saudi Arabia comes at a time when, in recent weeks, protests after the death of the late Mehsa Amini have led to the formation of protests by inciting Saudi-affiliated media and some elements and groups supported by Riyadh and some Western countries. There was a disturbance in some cities of Iran. Although during the past fifty days, Saudi Arabia has tried not to take any negative stance towards Iran's internal developments, at least in the media space, but at the level of domestic public opinion as well as independent political experts in the region and the international sphere, there is almost no ambiguity regarding its non-constructive and hostile role. Saudi Arabia does not exist in the recent disturbances that were accompanied by unfortunate material and human damages. In such a situation, the existence of popular demands as well as the rationality of governance based on the maximum provision of interests and national security require that the targeted country use its punitive tools to respond to the evils and open and hidden hostilities and kill their greed. The publication of the Wall Street Journal news, which has not been provided with any document to confirm it, is actually an attempt to disseminate news on the basis of accepted principles such as "legitimate defense", which, of course, has a high credibility factor among public opinion for the reasons mentioned above. Today, after 43 years have passed since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country has successfully passed through the most difficult and complex crises, any one of which is enough to collapse a powerful system, all parties must have recognized the power of the people and the structural integrity of the system. The experience of the past years has shown that using any method other than respecting and observing the accepted principles in neighboring and international relations in dealing with Iran will definitely not lead to any other achievement for the deluded party. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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