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Turkey's components to restore relations with Syria

Turkey's components to restore relations with Syria

The fact is that in recent years, Turkey has been able to find allies and partners in parts of Syria who will play a role as proxies for this country, and Ankara hopes to find a place for them in the field of power in the process of amending the Syrian constitution.

NOURNEWS - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday, August 19, after a decade of opposition to the Syrian regime, made statements regarding the opening of relations with Syria and announced: "We have no ambition and greed in Syria, our goal is to establish peace and support our security."

Erdogan emphasized the need to take more steps towards Syria and said: "Resentment has no place in politics, and it is not possible to cut political or diplomatic dialogue between countries."

He went on to emphasize the obvious points of agreement between Ankara and Damascus, namely the rejection of the US presence in Syria, and said: "The US and the forces of the international coalition are strengthening terrorism in Syria."

Considering that Turkey had attacks in northern Syria, therefore, the proposal of such positions after those attacks can be a clear proof of Ankara's confirmation of the ineffectiveness of the military option in Syria, which is trying to avoid expanding the scope of the conflict through a diplomatic approach.

Turkey's experience in the war in Ukraine, which was able to create a balance for Ankara's quadrilateral agreement to transfer grain from Ukrainian ports abroad and maintain its relations with Ukraine, Russia and NATO at the same time, considering Erdogan's recent visit to Iran in the tripartite meeting in Tehran and the discussion about the consequences of the military action in northern Syria made Turkey focus more on creating a balance similar to what happened in Ukraine.

Also, due to Ankara's multi-layered relations with Moscow, Erdogan was convinced that Syria is Moscow's strategic ally and currently acts as the main axis for Russia's return to the Middle East.

On the other hand, despite the war in Ukraine, Russia is still one of the active parties in Syria, and contrary to the past practice, it has taken a strong position against the aggression of the Zionist regime in this country.

This approach is a practical warning to face Moscow's military response. The Russians have remembered Turkey's role in the insecurity of the Caucasus and the country's drone aid to Ukraine, and Ankara seems to be aware of this fact.

On the other hand, it is a fact that in recent years, Turkey has been able to find allies and partners in parts of Syria to act as proxies for this country, and it seems that Ankara hopes that in the process of amending the Syrian constitution, it will be able to They find a place in the field of power.

The intensification of attacks and the hostile approach against Damascus can lead to such a confrontation that results in the complete elimination of this flow.

Another important point is that, although Turkey relies on the principle of fighting the insecurity factors in Syria, but according to its performance, it cannot emphasize the fight against ISIS in Syria, even though the documents published by WikiLeaks have a direct role and Their activist mentions buying oil from ISIS terrorists and the areas under their control.

As the research team of the Colombian Human Rights Program also confirms in its report the sending of weapons to this terrorist group with the participation of Saudi Arabia.

It seems that Ankara, understanding the past situation, has made the right decision to present a face of itself that steps in the direction of the security of Turkey and the region.

Erdogan's political opponents inside Turkey in the form of opposition parties have started their election campaigns with the slogan of restoring relations with Damascus and returning Syrian refugees to their country.

Turkish society has an interaction-oriented approach with Syria, and this is an important component for Erdogan, who has announced his candidacy for the 2023 elections, so that he can prove his interaction-oriented approach to the people within a year.

Also, one of the important components in Turkey's foreign policy is the approach of global interaction or zero tension. According to the Lebanese "Al-Akhbar" newspaper, in a parallel line, besides showing green lights to Syria, Turkey is strengthening the path of normalizing relations with the Zionist regime and thanks "Ishaq Herzog" the president of the Zionist regime for strengthening bilateral relations.

Of course, such approaches may bring short-term benefits for Ankara, but it makes the country unreliable for the parties.

To all credit, it can be said that the normalization of relations between Damascus and Ankara has been long, but Turkey's desire to realize political and field openings before the elections can be an important component for improving stability and security in the borders of the two countries, while fulfilling Erdogan's electoral demands.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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