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Khayyam satellite and its messages

Khayyam satellite and its messages

Khayyam satellite was launched from Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan by Soyuz satellite carrier. Khayyam is an Iranian remote sensing satellite capable of imaging with an accuracy of one meter, which is considered a new dimension of the Iranian nation's space achievements.

NOURNEWS - Many believe that in the not-so-distant future, a country will be able to have a word on the global stage that has achieved presence in space. "Khayyam satellite" can be considered as Iran's new step in this field, which has been realized under the conditions of sanctions and threats. Iran's great scientific achievements have always been accompanied by the reaction of Western countries and their affiliated media, and these countries have generally sought to deprive Iran of indigenous technologies and instill the lack of modern knowledge into the Iranian people. But contrary to the biased approach of these media, Khayyam is in charge of collecting and sending strategic data and information, especially for the peaceful uses of agriculture, environment, climate, weather, etc., and management of unexpected events. However, all western countries do not stop spreading hatred against Iran with political goals and in order to counter the capabilities of independent countries. The truth is that the West is well aware of the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program, and the opposition and obstruction in this direction is only due to the monopolistic approach in the scientific, political, economic and security fields. The importance of this achievement becomes more obvious when today's world, even the so-called evergreen countries of Europe, have faced unprecedented heat, water scarcity, drought and weather crises, and it has become the responsibility of each of these countries to use all their capacities to deal with this situation. Therefore, Khayyam can be seen as Iran's practical step in realizing this important goal, which expresses the will of the Islamic Republic to improve the general welfare of its nation and play a role in solving the world's climate and environmental crises. By launching satellites such as Toloe, Rasad, Navid, Fajr, Nahid, Payam and Zafar, the Islamic Republic has proven its native ability and knowledge in the field of aerospace and satellites, but the launch of Khayyam, apart from the scientific development of the country, shows the expansion of scientific cooperation with other powers. Relying on the capacity of their neighbors in the economic, security and convergence fields, Iran and Russia have realized a wide convergence, one of the results of which has been the joint neutralization of Western sanctions against the two countries. This convergence is an important component in the failure of the unilateralism of the West in the world's knowledge field, including in the aerospace industry. In other words, Khayyam's joint submission carries this message to the West and the world that the unipolar system is on the path of decline and the West has no choice but to accept multilateralism. It is noteworthy that all Khayyam's intelligence data is received in Iran by Iranian experts, and Russia only plays the role of a launcher, which itself shows the huge scientific and technical capacities of Iranian experts. The importance of this issue increases when the Western media have turned to fabrications such as the claim of Khayyam's role in the Ukraine war in order to de-emphasize Khayyam's peaceful goals and abilities and develop convergence among neighbors in the space arena against Western monopolization. Other aspects of this lying were done in the past by claiming the role of Iranian drones in the Ukraine war, which was revealed after some time, and they sought to cover up this unethical and unprofessional scandal by keeping the media silent and removing the issue from the headlines. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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