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The messages of the extremist groups attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in London

The messages of the extremist groups attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in London

The attack on the Azerbaijan embassy in London was carried out with any intention, is against the accepted international laws on the immunity of diplomatic places and is not justified.

NOURNEWS - A group that is said to be members of a affiliation related to "Yasser al-Habib", an extremist cleric of Kuwaiti origin living in London, attacked the Azerbaijan's embassy in London on Thursday, August 4, in protest against the "restrictions imposed by the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Muharram mourning", and pulled Azerbaijan’s flag down from the head of the embassy. Yasir al-Habib, who became famous last year with the controversial movie project called “THE LADY OF HEAVEN”, is one of the students and associates of "Syed Sadegh Shirazi", who has extreme thoughts and is anti-approximation. The author and producer of this seemingly religious and historical film THE LADY OF HEAVEN, whose initial screening was followed by widespread protests from Shia and Sunni Muslims, is Yasser Al Habib himself, whose associates were involved in the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy. The British police have announced that they have arrested 8 people who attacked the Azerbaijani Embassy in London. On Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan summoned the charge d'affaires of the British Embassy in Baku and expressed its protest and concern regarding the attack on the embassy. Certainly, the action of this group in attacking the Azerbaijani embassy in London was done with any intention, is against the accepted international laws about the immunity of diplomatic places and it is not justified. Such actions, which are carried out under the pretext of defending religious values, have grounds that attention to these grounds can prevent the formation of extreme behaviors and actions by abusing religion. The country of Azerbaijan, most of its population is of the Shia religion, has religious people who love Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), and despite years of pressure and prohibitions imposed by the former Soviet communist government, still have religious beliefs due to their deep religious roots. The Shiite religion is one of the main pillars of national unity in Azerbaijan, and its adherents have no relationship with the extremist thoughts of groups such as those affiliated with Seyyed Sadegh Shirazi, who have become known as the "English Shiite stream". The experiences of recent years in the formation of Takfiri groups, which by engaging in terrorist acts became the source of disgusting crimes under the name of Islam, show that contempt and ignoring the pure religious feelings of true believers, causes the growth and prominence of extreme thoughts that have no relation to the religion of Islam. Violence, immorality and ignoring human rights have always been condemned by Islam and the Shia religion, and life based on dialogue, tolerance and ethics is among the central commands of the Prophet, (peace and blessings of God be upon him), and the infallible Imams. The enemies of Islam, in the framework of a targeted strategy, always seek to divide between Islamic religions and present an extreme image of this religion in the eyes of the world through various means, especially the use of proxy mercenaries. It is necessary for the countries with Muslim population to neutralize the policies that are trying to harm it in the name of religion, to prefer the practice of tolerance and respect for the religious beliefs and rituals of the true believers and to increase mutual trust in order to prevent abuse by ill-wishers and not allow pure feelings religious people to feel that have been abused by extremist elements. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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