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Europe; The accused who seeks to play the role of a savior!

Europe's recent claims, because they are pursued with an extravagant and propagandistic approach and without taking any practical steps, are more to avoid the costs of breaking the treaty and, of course, to satisfy the Zionist regime and attract more dollars from Arab countries.

NOURNEWS - Following the announcement of the US election results and Biden's victory, one of the topics that came to the attention of the media, think tanks and political experts was how the new US administration treated JCPOA.

Along with some ambiguous statements, and of course with threats and intimidation from US officials, the behavior of European countries in recent weeks is also a matter of serious concern.

For example, the European Union's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, proposed two relatively different approaches.

The remarks raised the issue of joint efforts to encourage Iran and the United States to return to the UN Security Council, and stressed the need for the Zionist regime and some Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, to create a map.


Here are some notable points:

First,; The claim of trying to encourage Iran to return Iran and the United States to JCPOA comes at a time when Iran has basically never left JCPOA and retaliatory measures have been taken under Articles 26 and 36 of JCPOA, so efforts to return Iran to JCPOA have been made. JCPOA is a kind of projection and lying.

Secondly; Europe seeks to play the role of mediator between Iran and the United States, which as an important part of the UN Security Council, like the United States, is accused of failing to fulfill its obligations, and with this claim not only cannot hide its destructive role in the failure of this international agreement. Rather, as a defendant, he must be held accountable for not fulfilling his obligations.

Thirdly; The United States, as one of the signatories of the UN Security Council, has officially withdrawn from it, and if Europe seeks to activate the UN Security Council agreements, it must put pressure on the United States to fulfill its obligations and pay compensation to Iran. Non-compliance with sanctions could be a sign of Europe's seriousness in its statements and demonstration of honesty in action.

Fourth, Europe claims neutrality while formally demanding. Insisting on limiting Iran's nuclear commitments, emphasizing the inclusion of regional and missile issues in JCPOA, practical cooperation with anti-Iranian sanctions to achieve these goals and trying to add new players are proof of Europe's neutrality in JCPOA, because JCPOA has a clear framework. With certain actors.

On this basis, it can be said that the recent claims of Europe, because it is pursued with a projective and propagandistic approach and without taking any practical steps, rather than resolving the complications created in the proper implementation of JCPOA, to avoid contract costs and of course attract It is the consent of the Zionist regime and the circus of the Arab countries.

Europe is undoubtedly an accomplice of the US crime in violating the UN Security Council, and their continued dishonesty is another proof of the need for Iran's distrust of Europe and the need for Iran to continue suspending its UN Security Council commitments.

It is very clear that Europe considers the UN Security Council to be a strategic and unprecedented agreement, especially in the field of security, so Iran's serious will to reduce its nuclear commitments should have made European countries aware of the fact that political games and delays continue. In order to maintain the limitations of JCPOA Iran, the approach is not continuous and the end of this game will not be successful except the complete destruction of JCPOA.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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