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A warmongering British interview and three wrong addresses!

The British Defense Minister has addressed three specific crises in the world today and in the future, which by the way, London has played a prominent role in creating and perpetuating all of them.

NOURNEWS - The British defense minister's special interview regarding the escalation of international crises and the possibility of his country entering into more serious military conflicts in the coming years has attracted the attention of many analysts in the field of international relations.

"Ben Wallace" claims that with the risk of expanding conflicts with Russia, the threat of China and extremism in Africa, the world will become a more dangerous and unstable place and defense will become more necessary for life!

He explicitly claimed the possibility of new conflicts and said: "Whether the nature of the new conflicts will be hot or cold remains to be seen, but I think a conflict with a wide range of enemies around the world is coming and we should all be ready for it."

Some analysts say; The British defense minister made these words with the aim of justifying his financial demands from the Rishi Sunak government, because British defense spending has decreased from about 7% of GDP in the mid-1950s.

Since taking the helm of the Ministry of Defense in 2019, Wallace has received funds to strengthen the British defense sector, but a significant amount of it has been allocated to the implementation of projects such as new submarines to carry the country's nuclear deterrent system, and this issue has caused pressure to meet daily expenses of the ministry of defense.

However, can we simply ignore Wallace's words? The answer to this question is, of course, negative, because the British Defense Minister has addressed three specific crises in the world today and in the future, which by the way, London has played a prominent role in creating and perpetuating all of them.

Wallace knows very well that the insistence on expanding NATO to the east, which was adopted as a grand strategy by Washington and London, became the main factor in the Russian reaction to the government of "Volodymyr Zelenskyy" in Ukraine and the emergence of a full-scale war.

Currently, London is one of the main obstacles to holding peace talks regarding the war in Ukraine, and it is even ready to turn Ukraine into a scorched earth in exchange for the erosion of the battle and buying more time in facing the Russians.

This rule is also true regarding the current conflicts with China, especially that England is considered a party to the anti-China agreement "ACOS" and beyond that, it plays an undeniable role in inciting Taiwan's independence activists to confront Beijing.

Furthermore; The Britain are also cooperating with the US in all the movements that are observed in the Philippines, the Korean Peninsula, Tibet, Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

It is not without reason that the Chinese authorities have repeatedly warned both Western meddling actors in East Asia, namely London and Washington, about the consequences of their unbalanced and dangerous policies.

Of course, Wallace also spoke about the rise of extremism in Africa! It seems that this senior British official has forgotten that the leaders and even a large number of members of the body of all three main terrorist groups present in Africa, namely "Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and ISIS", have had and have continuous communication with the British security service.

To be more precise; Basically, the injection of continuous terrorist crises into the body of the African continent is a purposeful action by the Western countries, especially the four countries of America, England, Germany and France, which is designed and implemented by these actors with the aim of justifying endless interventionism and plundering the wealth and resources of this continent.

with all these explanations; Ben Wallace's words should be considered a kind of unveiling of England's road map in the international system, an issue that should not be easily ignored.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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