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Continuation of the "military conflict" to escape the changes in the "world order"

The United States has taken Europe hostage and does not intend to help them overcome the crisis, by increasing the price of gasoline delivered to Europe by 4 times after the suspected explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline, that led to the strong protest of these countries, especially France.

NOURNEWS - America's behavior in dealing with international conflicts shows that this country has a tendency to always show itself to be concerned about the spread of physical conflicts in the eyes of global audiences, based on this, the western media approach often calls for restraint and pursuing the resolution of conflicts within the framework of dialogue and political solutions.

But contrary to the media claims, this country's policy towards the conflict of countries that have come to conflict and confrontation for any reason is contrary to media propaganda.

A contemporary example of such a contradiction can be seen in blocking the path of dialogue between Ukraine and Russia to end the war between the two countries.

Even in cases where two countries, Russia and Ukraine, are sitting on the negotiation table with the mediation of non-western countries, the US has completely blocked the way for it to continue by putting pressure on Kyiv.

It seems that the expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe with the high cost of weapons and forcing other Western countries to participate in the battle against Russia is a central and irreversible strategy for the United States, and therefore it has closed the way to any political understanding between the parties to the conflict.

In the meantime, Europe's dependence on Russian gas was one of the things that threatened America's undisputed dominance in Europe, and despite the many efforts and threats of former American President Trump, Germany's failure to ignore the entry of Russian gas through the Nord Stream pipeline showed that America It should take more important steps in this direction.

Investigating the issue of the suspected explosion of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in the sea, considering the complexity of the explosion in the water, which is considered a completely technical and professional action, as well as the behavior of the United States after this explosion, which was accompanied by the provision of firm assurance for the supply of oil and gas they needed. It reinforced the suspicion that the destruction of the pipeline was designed to de facto de-link Europe to America.

This speculation became closer to the reality when the United States increased the price of gasoline delivered to Europe by 4 times, which led to the strong protest of these countries, especially France, and proved in practice that it does not intend to help them overcome the crisis.

It seems that America is trying to close any possible way for dialogue and reconciliation between Europe and Russia, so that in addition to continuing the war in Ukraine and involving Europe in it, it can also hold the whole of Europe hostage by making it dependent on its energy. To be the undisputed leader of the developments of the war in Ukraine.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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