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From the moral corruption of Charles to the moral scandal in the BBC studio!

When King Charles himself has dozens of cases of moral and sexual corruption, it is certainly too much to expect if we consider immoral relationships in other sectors, including the BBC state media, as far-fetched and strange.
NOURNEWS - A short but marginal news was published by the British Royal Family Broadcasting Company with the content that the BBC has apologized for broadcasting sex noises during the live coverage of the FA Cup! It is said in this report; Gary Lineker, a former player of the England national team and a football expert, was reporting the third elimination round match between Wolves and Liverpool on Tuesday, when a strange sex noises was heard. In the continuation of this report, he tried to hold it with laughter and jokes. He said while talking to "Alan Shearer", the former striker of England: "It seems that someone is sending something else from the phone! I don't know if you heard this sound at home or not!" As the match began, he posted a photo of a cell phone on Twitter and wrote: "Well we found this phone taped backstage. In the world of vandalism, this is quite an entertaining incident." It is important to note that; Meanwhile, the BBC officials were trying to marginalize and divert the audience from the moral scandal of this media by actions such as jokes by the presenter or claims that the sound is coming from the stadium instead of the studio and showing the mobile phone and also considering the professional claim of its founders and supporters, the said claims are not believable and cannot be considered as sabotage. A look at the BBC record tells about a wide chain of moral and sexual scandals of managers and journalists of this media. For example, in 2018, the British Daily Mail newspaper reported that the court of this country convicted "Michael Willis", the famous and former host of BBC Radio 1, of the crime of moral corruption and sent him to prison for 18 months. Nearly 500 immoral images and video clips of child sexual abuse were discovered on his computer. A few years ago, Jamie Savile, one of the most prominent presenters of the BBC in the 70s and 80s, who received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth in 1990, admitted that he sexually assaulted dozens of children and teenagers. Following the revelation of ethics scandals at the British public broadcaster, two more BBC presenters have been exposed to the sexual abuse of several children. The sexual scandal of the famous presenter led to the resignation and dismissal of a number of editors and managers of different departments of this network, which eventually led to the resignation of the head of the BBC, George Entwistle. But the series of these moral scandals reached the Persian section of the BBC during the management of "Sadegh Saba". The publication of numerous news in this regard, including Saba's rape of one of the female presenters and "Sivash Ardalan" raping another female presenter, were the cases that revealed the immoral relations in BBC Persian. Of course, when King Charles personally has dozens of moral and sexual corruption cases, it is certainly a lot to expect if we consider immoral relationships in other sectors, including the BBC state media, as far-fetched and strange. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi
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