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What was the message of Sullivan's hasty presence in the occupied territories?

It seems that Sullivan's presence in occupied territories is more related to controlling the extremism of the religious far-right members of Netanyahu's cabinet than to the normalization of the relationship between the Zionist regime and the Arabs or even issues related to Iran.
NOURNEWS - Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor of the White House, who visited the occupied territories last Thursday, had meetings and talks with the president of the Zionist regime, Isaac Herzog, as well as the Prime Minister of the Zionists, Benjamin Netanyahu. Zionist and American officials announced the goals of this trip as examining the policies of the Zionist government towards the issue of Palestine and Iran, as well as the measures taken in order to normalize the relations of this regime with the Arab countries. During Sullivan's visit to Tel Aviv, a virtual quadrilateral meeting was held with the national security advisers of Bahrain and the UAE, accompanied by Sullivan's Zionist counterpart, about the region. The White House also announced that Sullivan met Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to emphasize the US government's interest in strengthening relations with the Palestinian Authority and deepening relations with the Palestinian people! In addition to what is being done in the area of Arab countries with the focus of compromise with the Zionist regime, it seems that Sullivan's trip to the occupied territories, is more related to the control of the extremism of the religious far-right members of Netanyahu's cabinet than to the normalization of the relationship between the Zionist regime and the Arabs or even issues related to Iran. In recent days, massive street protests against Netanyahu and his cabinet have intensified, and demonstrations of tens of thousands of people against the ruling structure of this regime have been held in various regions of the occupied territories. At the same time, political currents and influential people such as Barak, Gantz, Lapid, etc. have also demanded the removal of this cabinet and the overthrow of Netanyahu's government. At the same time, "Aryeh Deri", the head of the religious and radical Shas party, in response to the decision of the Supreme Court of the Zionist regime to reject his appointment as the Minister of Interior and Health due to conviction and corruption, said that he is not willing to withdraw from the Israeli political scene. In this regard, Esther Hayut, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Zionist regime, emphasized; Deri is accused of corruption and dangerous crimes, and choosing him as a minister is completely illogical and unreasonable. The Shas party had previously threatened to dissolve the new government if it opposed Deri's appointment. The other part of the crisis of the Zionist regime is in the global arena, as even the Western supporters of the Zionist regime consider Netanyahu's cabinet to be contrary to rationality and disturbing the security of the Zionist regime and accelerates the escalation of conflicts in Palestine and the region, and in this regard, extreme measures such as the entry of the Minister of Internal Security of the Zionist regime into Al-Aqsa Mosque and the new settlement plans in the West Bank are said to be contrary to the two-state solution. In such a situation, the US, according to its opinion, seeks to manage the crisis situation of the Zionist regime, and the main reason for Sullivan's hasty trip is the internal turmoil of the occupied territories' government. This becomes more obvious when, according to the announcement of the White House, Sullivan stated in the occupied territories: "The US government will continue to support the two-state solution and is opposed to policies that endanger this solution and emphasizes the need to avoid unilateral steps that cause tension, especially regarding Jerusalem." The evaluation of Sullivan's trip shows that if the meetings, consultations and even raising issues around the reconciliation process in the past were considered as a behavior to support a person or political faction in the occupied territories, today such an approach can only be interpreted in the context of slowing down the internal collapse of this regime, although Netanyahu is trying to use it to cover up internal crises. BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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