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The cold weather and the grounding of imaginary drones!

Analyzing the behavior and speech of Western and Ukrainian officials before and after the publication of the fake news of the handing over of Iranian drones to Russia shows that the designers of this scenario only wanted to keep the keyword "Iranian drone" hot on air in the "Ukraine crisis" issue.

NOURNEWS - A Ukrainian army official announced yesterday; The cold weather has grounded the Iranian drones that were provided to the Russian army for use in the Ukraine war!

Since nearly three months ago, when the security organization of the British army raised the claim that the Russian army used the Iranian drone known as Shahid 136 in the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has not been able to provide documentary evidence regarding this false claim.

Ukraine and the western countries, who tried to restore their lost dignity by falsifying this news due to the failure in the proxy war with the Russians, avoided providing documents, only relying on media efforts in order to keep the false news of handing over Iranian drones to Russia are concentrated.

From the beginning of the publication of this untrue news, while denying the transfer of Iranian drones to Russia for use in the Ukraine war, Iran announced its readiness to receive the documents of this claim and investigate and respond to it.

Although Ukraine, in addition to using Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles, has received a similar advanced weapon called "Switch Blade" from the United States and is using it in the war with Russia, Iran rejects any weapons assistance to the conflict parties that will increase bloodshed. Contrary to his declared policy, he announced the necessity of ending the conflict through dialogue and strongly rejected the claims.

On the other hand; Based on Iran's request to hold joint meetings with Ukrainian authorities, it was decided to hold an expert meeting in a third country, but in the hours close to the meeting, the Ukrainian side canceled it by announcing that it was impossible to attend the meeting.

Although at the insistence of Iran, another meeting was held with the presence of Iranian and Ukrainian experts two weeks after the cancellation of the first meeting, but the Ukrainian side did not provide any evidence to prove its claim and postponed this action to future meetings.

A few days after Ukraine's inability to provide documents at the joint expert meeting, the secretary of the National Security Council of this country announced another false news. A number of Iranian military experts who were present in the conflict areas to teach the use of Iranian drones to Russian soldiers have been killed!

Analysis of the behavior and speech of Western and Ukrainian officials before and after the publication of the untrue news of handing over Iranian drones to Russia, which ranged from the claim of "changing the fate of the war" by Iranian drones to "the drones getting stuck on the ground due to the cold", shows that the aim of the designers of this The scenario was simply keeping the keyword "Iranian drone" hot in the topic of "Ukraine crisis".

The massive media effort to incite the emotions of the international community by publishing daily news about the use of Iranian drones in "attacks on residential areas and civilian infrastructure" that led to the blackout of half of Kyiv or part of Ukraine, are all other sides of this scenario for justification. Taking legal actions against Iran in human rights issues and linking this claim to the violation of Security Council Resolution 2231 has been to put pressure on our country in negotiations to lift sanctions.

Ukraine, which has become an unwilling actor of the West to bring baseless and undocumented accusations to Iran, should instead of getting caught in scenarios that will not produce any results in favor of this country, it should think of a solution to get out of the crisis when all the evidences show that the only winner is America.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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